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Predanye fans Novosibirsk « steppe eagles »: « Not so it is terrible « PSV » as it paint! »

to beginners of League of Europe - to football club « Siberia » - inexpressibly « has carried ». The toss-up plej - off a selection round on Friday last week has thrown such rival that simply keep - club PSV from the Dutch Eindhoven. Among trophies of this command - 21 champion title and 8 Cups of the country, the Cup of champions and the Supercup of Europe. On this background considerably more lungs rivals look got in this toss-up French Oser - for Petersburg Zenith and kipriotsky Anortosis - for Moscow CSKA .

Dutch PSV already become by an icon of the Russian football Guus Hiddink in due time trained. And all in three years the Netherlands club PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging - Sports union Filips), based in August, 1913 as the command of employees of company Philips, will celebrate the century anniversary. A wide experience, eminent players … It has appeared that a name « Siberia » to our future Dutch visitors it is not familiar.

the Trainer of Dutches has heard about Siberia - has not dropped out nearly of a window

Foreign sportsmen first of all have estimated, how much it to reach stadium Spartak in Novosibirsk. 4900 kilometres - this figure have there and then laid out on an official site PSV . And the trainer of Dutches of Fred Rjutten has told to the fans:

- I have not dropped out nearly of a window when has heard that we will play with Siberia . She is the unknown person for all the command. After small information search, we have found out that they have won the Cup of Russia, but more have learnt nothing. (Victory in the Cup of Russia to Siberians Rjutten has attributed wrongly - in the ending the Cup of Russia in Rostov-on-Don steppe eagles have conceded Petersburg to Zenith - a comment ) . We know that they play at home on Sunday, but it not so simply to visit there.

Swedish attacking PSV Ola Tojvonen which one of these days have made a double in a match of the championship of Holland, has told that Siberia to it it is absolutely unknown.

- huge concentration and purposefulness are necessary To us, - the Swede has told to the Dutch newspapers. - this command, possibly, only once in life can face with PSV but for these matches have not less great value. We want to get to a group stage, and we will play, that it to achieve.

As Dutches scoff over FK Siberia

Meanwhile, the Dutch football fans at foreign football forums with might and main have begun to sneer at successes Siberia in Russian the Prime minister - League.

is FK Siberia From Novosibirsk, the last in Russian league, - writes at a forum bigsoccer. com user Paganitzu, attaching the link about performances Siberia in the Russian championship and accompanying all it is a laughing loudly smilie.

However, the Russian football fans are ready to believe in forthcoming victory of Siberians over Dutches.

- If Siberia will lose to Dutches fans will spit in their party, as usual, and will forget, - the user   was voiced; sergey_msk at a forum ntvplus. ru, - but if will defeat will be heroes, so psychological advantage on the party of Siberians!) )))

However, other fans of football at the same forum sneer what to prevail against PSV novosibirtsy can only at - 30 degrees of temperature of air that in August it is simply unreal, even in Siberia.

On official site FK Siberia opinions were divided in two. One are ready to believe in favorite team victory always, others have become thoughtful, having considered the rival too serious.

- In the Prime minister we remain also League of Europe we will win! Forward, Siberia!!!, - the user the Fox on ofsajte " calls the command; Siberia .

More pessimestichno user MadDoc from the same ofsajta " is adjusted concerning a match with Dutches; Siberia . He is almost assured of forthcoming defeat of a favorite team:

- Dry oars, sirs... Except Liverpool - the strongest rival who could get to us... finito lja a comedy... Now all forces on RPL (Russian the Prime minister - League - a comment )!!!! What not to take off... (

Others are voiced about a forthcoming match carefully, but want to assure each other, what not so is terrible PSV as it paint:

- Yes not to tell that PSV what that the strong club, simply good command to the European measures is direct, - writes on an official site Siberia user Siberian54, - 3 - 5 back yes very strong club was year even to semi-final LCH (a Champions League - a comment ) Reached on mine... And last 2 years results on recession have gone...

the Spelling and a punctuation of participants of forums are saved.

Grozny the rival by a nickname bulbs ?

PSV - the Netherlands football club from the city of Eindhoven. A nickname farmers the club has received from - for provincial origins, and bulbs - from - for company Philips production. PSV is one of three clubs in the Netherlands which won the Cup of the European champions, along with the Ajax and Fejenoordom .

On the bill PSV from the Dutch Eindhoven the huge list of achievements: the club of 21 times in the history became the champion of the Netherlands (and, 7 times since 2001), 8 times - the owner of the Cup of the Netherlands, also 8 times - conquered the Supercup of the Netherlands. From the international successes PSV It is necessary to note victories in the Cup of Champions (1988) and an UEFA Cup (1978). From successful performances in Russia - victory in the Cup of the Russian Railway of 2007. Then to Dutches battled Italian Milan Spanish Real and Russian the Locomotive .