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Become the scout and track for black kopateljami

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Friends have rushed to gain got to a misfortune. It has appeared that in a bog two squirrels have failed - to Grow both Dasti. Deniska and Pumka have pulled out sinking and have asked. It has appeared that fibers got over on a new residence because their wood have dug over and any not clear people with shovels have polluted. They have appeared « kladoiskateljami »!

« Well and affairs, - has murmured Pumka. - Means, the treasure really exists! And any not so good people if to judge on their behaviour in wood, go on its trace ».

Little squirrels vigorously zakivali, confirming words about bad people. Deniska thought, having wrinkled a nose. He has quickly understood that to what: « black kladoiskateli » search for any treasures, but precisely do not know, where they. And a map, a map - that at them - at Pumki, at Deniski! It turns out that they one own the valuable information. So, if somebody from « kopatelej » about it learns, it will be threatened with danger, after all these people will not stop before what for the sake of treasures. It was necessary to do something. If « kopateli » will find nothing in wood, they will even more become angry and can even set fire to it! But also bad people would not like to give a precious map.


It is necessary to search urgently for road and to dig out a treasure before there will come « black kladoiskateli ». Deniska has carefully taken out an old map. The treasure was where - that about an ancient small chapel. It is necessary to reach it only.

Rest in village was obviously postponed without day...


Deniska has developed the plan. To know about maneuvers of the prospective enemy, it has sent to Grow and Dasti back in the wood as scouts. They should track for « kopateljami ».

Pass by « kladoiskatelej » and you. For this purpose the ordinary cube with tochechkami on sides - from 1 to 6 will be necessary to you. Vyrezhi two counters, one give to the friend, and the second you will play itself. Throw by turns a cube and go on so much steps, how much has dropped out on a cube. « Kopateli » constantly make different not so good acts. You should be followed them...

Click a picture for its increase

1 - the way Beginning.

4 - « Kopateli » have kindled a fire and consequently were late. Together with them you pass one course.

9 - ah - ah - ah! Knife - that have forgotten

on parking! Return to point number 5.

12 - « Kladoiskateli » dug and have disturbed krotovuju a hole. Very much it was not pleasant to a mole! In punishment you pass 2 courses.

17 - someone has lost in wood a coin, and « kopateli » have found. On pleasures move a counter forward on 2 points.

20 - and here to ruin the bird`s nests is very much, very badly! Such it is impossible to forgive. Come back back, to the beginning of travel.

23 - fires need to be extinguished behind itself! And if have forgotten please to return back, on point 4.

27 - « Kopateli » have put out of the way zdorovushchee a log. Though it also disturbed him, the rest too advantage. In an award - one step forward.


Game « Scouts »

In this game it is possible to play and together. But the big company is more interesting and more cheerful.

if play together. One of you - the leader. He prepares in advance 12 notes with instructions of places where there are hiding places. All notes, except the first, hide in these hiding places. The second player receives the first note, reads it and searches for a place where there is a hiding place with the second note. If it finds the second note, in it he reads where to search third, and etc. In last note the place where the small pleasant prize is hidden is specified! Then participants change roles.

if play the big company. Each command writes and hides notes for the second command. Simultaneously commands open the first notes and run on searches of hiding places. What command will fast come to finish, that and has won. But in the end of game for everyone it does not cancel prizes!

answers (number from August, 5th):

« Connect a rope from clothes »: Trousers - overalls - a jacket - a vest - socks - a jacket - a scarf - a belt - a shirt - a skirt.

a crossword puzzle « Wood inhabitants »: 1. A cuckoo. 2. Klest. 3. A hare. 4. A woodpecker. 5. A deer 6. A fox. 7. An elk. 8. A chipmunk. 9. A wild boar. 10. A black grouse. 11. The squirrel. 12. A wolf. 13. An eagle owl.

a keyword: « KLADOISKATELI ».



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