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The inhabitant of Tver has broken to death during descent on a rope from the sixth floor

on August, 10th when the sun drooped in the street Mozhaisk there was an unknown state of emergency. Inhabitants of one of houses have seen a strange picture: neigbour Olga has thrown out a rope from a window of the apartment and has started to go down on it. However, this acrobatic trick unfortunate is not has gone right, it almost has broken at once downwards.

- I walked with the grandson in a court yard, - have told to the correspondent « the neigbour of the woman. – suddenly the boy as will cry: « the Grandmother, look! » and a finger upward shows. I have looked, and there Olga sticks out of a window and on a rope is going to go down, I and words have not had time to shout, and it already to fall the beginnings. Have called fast, doctors have told that at once has died, did not suffer.

according to inhabitants of the ill-starred house, Olga abused many years alcohol. Vein one, and some days ago to it has moved to live her son who has dispersed from the wife.

- she on a broader scale liked to drink, - neighbours continue. – truth of visitors did not drive, special uproars did not arrange, but at evening before it happens, they swore at the son, we think that together drank. Then it has left, and has returned in the afternoon. Can has closed its houses, and to drink that it wanted, here and has thought up, as behind vodka to run.

to Olga was only 51 year. Where now there is her son knows nobody.