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We breathe the Alpine air and we drink oxygen cocktails

Everyone escapes as can: one leave from a caustic smoke for hundreds kilometres, others find rescue in a cool bath. However, there is one more way.

inhabitants of Japan to survive in zagazovannom a megacity, have thought up oxygen bars. Such a miracle - institutions are and at us. Earlier an oxygen cocktail tried only having a rest sanatoria. Now possibility to inhale and drink pure oxygen is almost at everyone: oxygen bars are in many shopping centres and bars. By the way, such sessions in 15 - can be compared 20 minutes to three-hour walk on wood!

process of inhalation of oxygen in some bars - the whole show! The barman coping instead of alcohol with oxygen, is called oksidzheem. According to your desire it can fill a cocktail with aroma of mountain air or a rose with an eucalyptus, but the main thing - to tell that good in oxygen and for what it is necessary for them to be sated. Breathe oxygen through the special device, something reminding equipment of the pilot, only instead of ear-phones - zaushnye holders, and from « a microphone » fastening before a nose, oxygen arrives.

it is traditional in bars offer juice which sate with oxygen, such cocktail you will not inhale and you will not drink, it is possible to eat it with a spoon.

« Spoom - a bar »

the Main course in this bar, certainly, « a respiratory session » with taste of a spicy mix or the cleanest oxygen.

as a dessert it is possible to reserve a fruit oxygen cocktail.

the pleasure price: 100 rbl. any cocktail and as much   for 5 minutes for « respiratory » a session.

TTS « Warsaw » 1 - j a floor.

the Operation mode: daily with 10. 00 to 22. 00.

WHERE: the Warsaw highway, 87, the m. item     « Warsaw ».

the Bar « U - Shake »

On two floors « SHejk » - a bar it is possible to try the most unusual cocktails: berry, fruit, chocolate, vanilla, karamelnyj, with a coconut shaving, mint, coffee and even a snickers - a cocktail, including easy and useful oxygen cocktails.

the pleasure price: from 99 rbl.

WHERE: Street Tver, 30, the m. item « Majakovsky ».

Ph.: 8(499) 343 - 20 - 96.

« Smokes 1 »

Modern institutions also in a course of new trends. In a bar of a network of restaurants « Smokes 1 » promise a relaxation without consequences. Simply speaking, to classical components of cocktails have added a shock dose of oxygen which deduces toxins from an organism.

the pleasure price: 400 rbl.

WHERE: the Sofia emb., 1, the m. item « Novokuznetsk ».

the Operation mode: daily with 12. 00 to 0. 00.

Ph.: 951 - 75 - 71.

« Spa by algotherm »

to Try an oxygen cocktail it is possible after pleasant spa - procedures and a heat in pool. Advantage will be even more! Such cocktails on a basis   prepare; fruit syrups or juice and, certainly, are filled with oxygen.

WHERE: Street Pokrovka, 40/ 2, the m. item « Kursk ».

the Site: www. spa - algotherm. ru

WHERE STILL it is possible to TAKE a sip OXYGEN In Moscow

Trading - the entertaining centre « Europark »

WHERE: Rublevsky highway, 62, the m. item « Krylatsky »      

Trading - the entertaining centre « Clouds »

WHERE: Nut - r, 22,   the m. item « Domodedovsky »

Trading - the entertaining centre « Warsaw »

WHERE: the Warsaw highway, 87, 1 - j a floor, the m. item « Warsaw »

Trading - the entertaining centre « the Spectrum »

WHERE: New Jasenevsky pr - t, 1, 3 - j a floor, the m. item « the Warm Camp »

Trading - the entertaining centre « Vejpark »

WHERE: 71 - j MKAD km, cinema foyer « Kronverk Sinema » the m. item « Glider »


the All-weather mountain-skiing complex « Snezh. A clod »

WHERE: a Krasnogorsk, Pavshinsky pojma, Krasnogorsky parkway, 4 (an input under complex tickets)

Shopping centre « League »

WHERE: Khimki, the Leningrad highway, vl. 5, 1 - j a floor, the m. item « River station »

Shopping centre « the Edelweiss »

WHERE: Railway, street Soviet, 9, 2 - j a floor