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We go on a school market

However, to visit on a school market costs not only to parents of children from 7 to 17. Now and to preschool children in a garden it is necessary to collect much kantstovarov.

All and many other things can be found it at the largest fair of the school goods which will open tomorrow in the Arena.

this fair traditional. Here there are Muscovites who want to save not only money, but also time. After all here on one platform everything is collected that it is necessary for soul: kantstovary, computers and the software training games and the programs, the sports form, textbooks, books, footwear, a school uniform of various colours and styles.

the prices are promised quite comprehensible, without draconian trading surcharges. So it or not so, we will inform you already in the following number as soon as we will visit at fair personally.

if you gather for fair with the child, be assured, the child will not be tired of intensive shopping. In the Arena will create some game zones where it will be possible to learn new games and to be kneaded.

as always, on platforms psychologists, doctors, teachers will work. They will give advice to parents how correctly to nurture the child, will help to consult with difficult psychological situations.

and at fair it will be possible to learn all about sports sections and mugs of capital and to register in them right now!

on what it is necessary to save...

On many school goods manufacturers and sellers do the surcharge... For modnost. For example, recently schoolgirls of younger age entirely wanted to have portfolios with a doll of Bratts. This year images of the large-headed girl of doubtful beauty any more do not use mad demand. So try to persuade the child not to chase a fashion (it is understood, difficultly!) And to take classics. The qualitative goods will serve not one year, and to appear the next year with the same picture on a portfolio it will be not a shame!

It is not necessary to buy writing-books with bright and ridiculous by sight the child drawings. Quite probably, what exactly at your school will forbid to use writing-books with the image anime, it is ready also other monsters. It is better to prefer on what the help material is printed. According to psychologists, tables from writing-books which the schoolboy sees daily, are very quickly remembered.

... And on what it is necessary to be spent

For a portfolio. Remember, cheap and correct portfolios do not happen. Wherefore if the developer was spent for inventing and designing of the orthopedic back, special straps correctly distributing loading such goods a priori will many cost.

On textbooks. At school to you for certain will recommend, what textbooks to buy. Having come behind books (these goods forge quite often), check up, a leah lines, a leah the large letters are smeared, a leah all pages are separated. Behind these books the kid should spend not one hour!

on the sports form. It should be necessarily sewed from a fabric in which the big percent of natural fibres contains. Thus synthetics too should be present at it. Such clothes will not puff up, move down and will well absorb sweat.

WHERE: TSVZ « the Arena » the m. item « Ohotnij rjad » square Manezhnaja, 1.

WHEN: From August, 13 till August, 27th.

business hours: with 11. 00 to 19. 00.

the Input free.