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To Muscovites recommend to store medicines in the refrigerator and not go in for sports

the Smog continues to shroud in a dense cloud capital. Hardly Muscovites upevajut to rejoice to clearing up as the suffocating fog comes back. Physicians have developed a number of recommendations which will help to worry a heat.

Recommendations of chief specialists of Department of public health services of a city of Moscow for the population in the conditions of adverse weather conditions

1. To limit an exit from premises, at an exit on street densely to close a nose and a mouth the damp gauze combined in some layers.

2. To wash out a nose and a mouth flowing water, eyes - a weak solution of tea.

3. To wear easy, spacious clothes.

4. The head should be covered by an easy cotton headdress.

5. To close tightly windows, in bright solar weather - to curtain windows for the purpose of reflexion of direct sun rays.

6. Daily to spend damp cleaning houses.

7. At possibility to spend damp cool rubdowns or to accept cool (not below 30 degrees) a shower.

8. At using conditioners to expose temperature not more low 23 - 25 degrees.

9. Not to be in the conditioned premises in damp clothes.

10. Not to take very cold drinks.

11. To limit physical activities and playing sports.

12. To refuse smoking (pathological action of tobacco increases in the similar adverse atmospheric phenomena, especially - in the closed premises and in cars).

13. Observance of a water mode (besides tea and soft drinks it is necessary to drink mineral table still water or slightly added some salt water in total amount for the healthy person not less than 2 - 2,5 litres, is necessary for patients consultation of the doctor concerning a drinking mode) is obligatory.

14. All medicines should be stored in the refrigerator.

15. Reception of polyvitamins Is recommended, for patients with a chronic pathology - strict observance of a medicinal mode, change of a habitual dosage of medical products probably only after consultation of the attending physician is necessary.

16. It is necessary to use low-calorie, mainly vegetable and fruit food, except for special medical cases.

17. Independent application of inhalations of oxygen without consultations of the doctor is not recommended.

18. It is recommended for the period of adverse weather conditions to exclude alcohol intake.

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Muscovites invite to have a rest from a smog in the social centres: there it will be possible to drink in a cool to tea and to measure pressure. More in detail here.

Dear Muscovites! To us important your opinion. If you already hid from a heat in the social centres, leave the response about them in comments.