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July: we loosen and is fertilised, about watering it is not forgotten!

the summer has begun for inhabitants of Volgograd very hard. The heat simply exhausts with the drought and is improbable high temperatures. Desire one: to buy some soft drinks and to settle down at home under the conditioner. But to the present summer residents not time to relax. After all and in July on a site of full work. This month all starts to blossom and to receive a good harvest, it is necessary to continue to look after plants. Than to be engaged at itself on « fazende » during this hot time, Tatyana ORLOVA, the senior lecturer of stand of fruit growing, vegetable growing and wine growing VGSHA tells .


It is watered                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

the Main thing now – it, of course, watering. In such weather of a plant need especially plentiful watering. But only not cold water. Its temperature should be only degrees on five less, than air temperature. Otherwise plants can be ill.

- Cucumbers it is watered every day. Tomatoes – less often, but is more plentiful. A potato during a flowering time, for example, we water two - three times a week, - Tatyana Orlova speaks.  

Even if weather will condescend, and will present to us a rain the moisture, most likely, will very quickly evaporate. Therefore except watering it is not necessary to forget and about soil loosening between rjadkami. Otherwise at following watering water will not get, as it is necessary to roots, and at the raised temperatures roots simply will start to choke.

- Still I advise mulchirovat the earth. Straw sechka, dry needles, dry manure or an oblique grass ideally for this purpose will approach. So the earth will strongly not overheat.

It is fed up

Where - that from the middle of month fertilise plants preparations with the low maintenance of nitrogen - an element which is responsible for growth of plants. Otherwise they can not have time to be prepared for a dormant period and will badly winter. And here on the fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus, to the contrary, it is necessary « to enter into a diet ».
It is not necessary to forget and about the checked up national recipes. The idle time – to presoak in a butt weeds and to leave for couple of weeks before occurrence of a characteristic smell. Then we dilute a mix some times and it is watered to it of a plant.

Also it is possible to prepare top dressing from the bird`s dung. It will approach for fertilizer of plants. We take third of bucket of the bird`s dung, we fill in to top with water, we maintain pair of days, mixing from time to time. The received swill before use we dilute with water (on 1 part of a dung of 3 parts of water) and it is poured out, approximately, a bucket under each tree.

oven wood ashes Are good also. It contains a lot of potassium, izvest, phosphorus, a pine forest, manganese, other microcells. Entering of ashes into soil reduces its acidity, improves structure.

Remember that to feed up plants it is necessary after watering. It is impossible to fertilise dry soil. It will ruin plants.


we Struggle with wreckers

Also on some trees it is possible to notice secondary occurrence koroedov and deckman wreckers – men with a big moustache and zlatok. For struggle against them is better to use preparations « Alatar » and « Aktara ».

- Usually these insects appear on old or sick trees. Young can treat the punctures made them on a trunk the juice. For this reason these wreckers on them does not happen almost. « Alatar » it is possible to inject by means of a syringe directly into the aperture made the man with a big moustache. So the effect will be much more. And here from koroeda it is better to spray trunks of trees completely, trying not to get on fruits, - Tatyana Orlova advises.

Many summer residents this year complain of abundant of a plant louse and garden ants. Against the first misfortune preparations « will help; fitoverm » « the Commodore ». But it is necessary to remember that a processing closing date – for couple of weeks before harvesting.

- Ants and medvedku can « to expel » a preparation « the Thunder ». It needs to be displayed in a mink and on ant paths. Also are effective proeparaty « the Grizzly » « medvetoks » And « Muratsid ».


we reap a crop

How and when to reap the long-awaited crop, each summer resident knows, probably. After all it, for certain, one of the most favourite works who should be carried out on a site. Beans, peas, a string bean, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins, a pumpkin, summer carrots and a radish start to blossom. Periodically cut off greens, spicy grasses, which zagtavlivajut for the winter.

Berries in a heat are better to start for collecting in the morning after drying of dew and till a dinner while they have not overheated.

- In July we collect berries of a gooseberry, a currant. After this pleasant procedure it is not necessary to forget about « become empty » bushes. They should be watered, fed up, loosened, cut off, mulchirovat and to protect from wreckers. After all the crop of the next years depends on it.


we Place cultures

Certainly, to land plants in the middle of summer already late. However there are some cultures which can be placed and in the second time. For example, it is possible podsejat a radish which will go on winter storage, a garden radish, spinach. Also July – last month landings of a cucumber, the Peking cabbage. And if want to have on a site such mnogoletniki, as an onion - batun, a many-tier onion or a sorrel do not forget to sow and them.

- Also it is possible to sow biannual and long-term flowers: primroses, pansies, daisies, a geranium, akvilegiju or others. And also do not forget to thin out those mnogoletniki which you sowed in the spring. It is possible to feed up them, - Tatyana Orlova speaks.

And here in July it is better not to be engaged in change of plants. Only as a last resort. But if it is inevitable, plants necessarily should be with the closed root system. Holes for landing need to be prepared in advance. To replace plants follows necessarily in the evening. And after its landing it is necessary to water plentifully, pritenjat or even to cover and spray.  

By the way

Change of plants in July – the strongest stress for them. Therefore it is necessary their leaves oprysnut preparations « Zircon » or « Epin ». It should strengthen their immunity well.