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Vadim Galygin: On own wedding we remained hungry

Well they do not want to parade the private life! To protect itself from uninvited visitors, have employed protection. And knowingly: directly in the middle of a celebration of the security guard have deduced from territory of the closed club of Moscow paparazzi. But the feast has turned out smart. Anyway, we so have understood, having talked to Vadim.

- sensations class! All super! Celebrated three days. At first planned that after a registry office we will gather narrow family circle - the person 12. But all have started to come, and we already left restaurant the company the person forty.

for the second day we suited the big feast in the Minsk closed club, have asked visitors to be in white. To men have made indulgence: have allowed to put on in it is black - white. 90 % of visitors have satisfied our request, and the elegant feast has turned out.

the third day has passed under the badge of the Sun. We have spent it in the same club on a lawn where jumped on trampolines, played football, have arranged the championship on shooting, listened to music, sunbathed...

- on wedding in bathing suits?

- Yes, there very beautiful lawn, and we have specially arranged easy zagoratelno - sports day in the open air. We with Olej have prepared gift dance for visitors. Very beautiful: under music and with salute. The big feast has turned out positive on emotions. As we also dreamt.

- not one feast does not do without gifts.

- Have presented many pictures, sets for picnic and the rest, interesting design things. Beginning from slippers, finishing carpets on a wall for kitchen. Presented even a figurine of the groom and the bride from pape - mashe.

Witnesses at pair became the showman Paul Will (in shorts) and a dog of Antoshka (in the butterfly).

arrival of our friends, for what it many thanks became the Main gift. We have invited 200 visitors and worried that many cannot get out. But has arrived even more than we expected. Friends took still friends, and was very cheerful. There has arrived from Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Moscow, Peter.

parents have been amazed by scale of our feast. And Olja has prepared for me « congratulatory cinema ».

- has in advance secretly shot a film?

- Also was in it the main heroine. As though world famous TV channels shined events from our life.

- to you even the dog has come with the butterfly!

- Yes, and still our Antosha sat at a festive table. And when all shouted « Bitterly! » he too shouted « Bitterly! » (laughs). Still we had a most expensive driver in the world. Our close friend Evgenie Yerofeev, the known collector of ancient cars, has arrived from Moscow on rare « Bentley » claret colour. Such cars only six in the world. In the middle of the last century it have created specially for the princess of Dubai.

the car have decorated with natural flowers. Drivers have put on uniform caps, white sabanons, beautiful black « herrings » - ties also were similar to pilots of expensive planes. We went across Minsk, and to us signalled, smiled and waved hands.

- than surprised visitors behind a festive table?

- Write that there were elephants, stuffed hazel grouses... I joke! All was simple, is tasty and without a delicacy. But neither I, nor Olja had not time to eat. I have eaten for an evening a slice of a smoked eel and two vinogradiny. Toasts, congratulations, « constantly sounded; Bitterly! ». All of us time kissed, and there was no time to eat. But have not recovered.


In a similar dress Britney Spears

the Groom and the bride married have surprised with dresses. In day of a list of Olja was in an elegant white dress and gloves. In style 30 - h years of the last century. Vadim - in a black suit. However, the Pasha Will has arrived to a registry office directly from the airport. Has not had time to change clothes and was in a white vest.

For the second day Olja was in very beautiful wedding dress from fashionable Hollywood designer Monik Ljule. In its dresses Pink and Britney Spears married. This dress the groom did not see to the celebration.

Vadim`s suit for the second day was selected the stylist by Natasha to whom he trusts the image for a long time already. By a recognition of Galygina, she is able to find for it, long-legged and long-armed, good clothes. A snow-white suit with embroideries the stylist has brought with words: « It on you will be super! » and it has appeared. On a lapel of a jacket the groom has attached a dark blue orchid. However, visitors played a trick that the suit as if is sewed from expensive curtains.

and for the third day visitors as children of the Sun, have dressed up in bright clothes - shorts, vests and sundresses.