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Let`s rescue hair

Today will open one of secrets Alexander Krasheninnikov who is responsible for a heading « Transfiguration ».

Beautiful hair - one of the major elements of your image. But, that they and further remained healthy and shining, it is necessary to look after them correctly. If you used often utjuzhkom or a hot wave, hair are necessary for treating. Especially it is actual for the hair painted in light tone. As restoring means use shampoo and the conditioner for the hurt hair. And once a week necessarily put a mask or use nutritious butter.

also it is important to pick up a correct make-up at hair colour change. For example, if your new colour red, solar, be not afraid to use red lipstick. It is in harmony with hair on colour scale, and also adds to an image of a piquancy and sensuality.

Well and if at you healthy and brilliant hair, it is not necessary to leave them. It is important to remember: if the head form correct and accurate the great bulk of hair can be left, having cleaned only superfluous volume in the field of a nape.

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