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Under Saratov to marry the former bride, the boyfriend has stolen it

Svetlana Podgornaja and Igor Svetlakov* there were some years and any time even lived together, but to offer a hand and heart the man did not hurry. Therefore, when Light has realised that further recognitions business will not promote, it has collected things and has left. To the friend of the former beloved Maxim who sympathised for a long time with the girl, but did not dare to tell about the feelings. New relations have developed better the old. In some months Svetlana and Maxim already waited for the kid and prepared for wedding. The only thing that saddened idyll — Igor`s excessive attention. Were the beloved followed on heels literally, persuading Light to return.

- that day he has asked about a meeting — has promised to the girl to return rings of her parents. Even before rupture Igor carried them to the familiar jeweller to increase in size. Light has agreed and has arrived by the car in appointed a place. Igor has given rings and has asked to throw it to the house. And itself has stolen it, - the senior inspector WITH across Engels of SOU SK has told at Office of Public Prosecutor across the Saratov region Denis Abramenko.

the Enamoured madman was stopped even by pregnancy of the girl.
a photo: It is given WITH across Engels of SOU SK

Knowing that the former beloved is pregnant and very much worries about the kid, it has got a knife and threatening to cut, has demanded to curtail on a line.

- We with you now will go in Peter, we will get married and we will live together long and happily, - he whispered. Light cried and begged to release it, but Igor was unshakable: « Wheels give, to our light future! »

Once the girl has tried to pull out a knife at the thief, but that has only cut to it hands. To jump from the car in full operation was risky, on traffic police fasts too nobody stopped. So has passed some hours. The Saratov region remained behind, they approached on Samara when Light has noticed on fast of traffic police of two documents of militiamen not occupied by check. The decision has blossomed instantly. The girl has sharply braked and while the thief who has hit about a windshield came to the senses, covering with hands a stomach has rushed to militiamen.

- Me have stolen! It there, in the car! - she has whispered and has settled on the earth.

Guards have rushed to a car and have braided Igor. A month later to it have brought accusation under article « kidnapping ». Despite the endured stirrings, Light has managed to inform the kid and shortly before a sentence has given birth. On court Igor that rushed in it krossovkami and promised to revenge, spoke that loves and asked to wait. The fault he and did not recognise and has publicly promised to pour acid of a state accuser. But sobranyh proofs it has appeared enough that the court recognised as its guilty. The next ten years Igor will spend in a high security colony.

* Names are changed in the interests of the investigation