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Leaders the Weather forecast they have told truth about heat and a smoke

Who, the people informing to us about new temperature records, a suffocating smog and expected thunder-storms? We get acquainted with weather women.

Andrey of STARLINGS: « When has seen a smog over Moscow, was delighted »

From our file: Andrey - the professional meteorologist. Has ended stand of meteorology of geographical faculty of the Moscow State University. Moscow born and bred at least in fifth generation. It is married. Pleases or afflicts us with news about weather on Fridays and Sundays on NTV.

- as you have got in weather women? Did not confuse, what it basically a female trade?

- it has ceased to confuse Me about 15 years ago, still when studied at university. On stand there was one - odineshenek among girls. Though a meteorology basis - physics and mathematics which are considered as man`s sciences. And has got in TV presenters simply enough - as I by a trade the meteorologist for a long time worked this environment. But was a visual analyzer - thought out how to show weather forecasts. And when TV presenter Alexander Beljaev once was unwell, me have asked it to change. And have then suggested to remain. I was not against - have already felt taste to program conducting.

- a leah learn you in streets?

- Yes, here recently the first time have learnt, there was at me such important point (laughs). The customs officer at the airport. Thus it has looked through my things as it is necessary, and is artful so asks: « Well, what there with weather? »

- a leah friends call to you to find out a weather forecast?

- Is not present, friends feel sorry me. They are faster on the Internet will look. But at a meeting can specify. I always it with pleasure tell.

- and claims show, if the forecast has not come true?

- Such very seldom happens! I already more half a year on air and in this time only time was mistaken with the forecast. Has told that the rain will not be, and it has gone...

I the meteorologist and texts write to myself. On the basis of hydrometeorological centre forecasts, certainly. But I can choose, about what place to tell. I am accented in that territory where there is an interesting phenomenon. If there is any cold front, I can count, in what half of day where it will come. And to tell on air: « in the Evening in Pskov will pass a rain ».

- a leah Always you in a course, what weather waits for us? After all in an aether you leave only twice a week...

- I the zealot of weather (laughs). Always I watch that occurs in the world. Then, it is important for my work: to be competent, I should hold history of weather processes in a head - that was yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week...

- Means, you represent precisely, what weather waits for you today. That is just in case an umbrella with itself do not carry?

- If it is fair, at me it simply is not present (laughs). I constantly lose them. Usually I run, I hide from a rain.

- what weather prefer?

- To tell the truth, at me a favourite season - autumn. And here sprinkling, for example, is pleasant in the autumn to me. When still warmly, degrees 12 - 15. September - October.

- and what hate?

- Such weather, perhaps, as is not present. Now it is, of course, very unpleasant. Mainly not from - for heats, and from - for a smog. But, when there is something such outstanding, at me scientific interest wakes up. I here, for example, was delighted, when have seen last Wednesday a smog over Moscow. Though it, of course, vile and to us with the wife already was necessary to wash once a soot from a balcony. Simply I gave the forecast that the smog will appear on Wednesday, it and has appeared. As the meteorologist, I was glad that was not mistaken.

- as you escape from present natural cataclysms? A leah can recommend something to our readers?

- I sit on work all day long because here we have a conditioner, and the house is not present (laughs). Still we hold included a humidifier in apartment - helps, it becomes easier. We humidify curtains at windows. Once I even slept under a damp bed-sheet. And to rats who live at our place, we according to the advice of the veterinary surgeon regularly moisten tails.

Svetlana MURAVEVA: « the Umbrella I carry with myself always. Just in case »

Svetlana Muraveva did not think that the strongest heat should be worried in Moscow.

From our file: Svetlana Muraveva has graduated from the institute the countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University, by a trade - the orientalist. Even has had time to work as the translator from Turkish language. But the journalism suited it, and in parallel Muraveva has graduated from the institute TV presenters. After the termination some years have worked on TV channel « Russia » the editor. And once has heard about a casting of weather women for « meteo - TV ». Has passed it is and here five years with a break on a maternity leave it on air. Now informs us on weather anomalies on the channel of TV the Center. Married. Nurtures two daughters.

- a leah learn you in the street?

- Is not present (laughs), anybody for me did not run yet with questions on weather. If passers-by to a kind do not submit learn.

- a leah friends call to find out a weather forecast?

- Friends specially do not call. And here grandmothers necessarily ask an entrance: when a rain?

- and claims do not show, if the forecast has not come true?

- will necessarily voice, if the rain and has not gone. It is insulting that never for the correct forecast of thanks nobody has told, and for an error will necessarily scold. Though our forecasts come true in 90 percent of cases. This rain which grandmothers so waited, can, and has passed. Simply a little in other place.

- a leah Always you in a course, what weather will be today?

- Yes. I on air every other day also tell about weather for today and tomorrow. So, it turns out, I always in a course and to grandmothers am always ready to report, as as.

- Means, an umbrella with itself constantly do not carry?

- the Umbrella at me in the car always. Just in case. The rain is a business such.

- what weather is pleasant to you?

- I love May, when degrees 23 - 25. The beginning of summer when all blossoms also the nature such gentle.

I love a heat. Happened in tropical countries much, but did not expect that the most hot weather waits for me in native Moscow.

- and you hate what weather?

- Such, probably, and at all is not present. Not so I love November when it is gloomy and windy. Here windy weather is not pleasant to me.

- As you escape from present cataclysms? Make recommendations to readers, please.

- I Escape, as well as everything, air conditioning. I am afraid that more I can recommend nothing. Only unless to try to save sense of humour and cold mind. And still - hang together. If you feel a friendly shoulder nearby, you will prevail against any cataclysm.


for the majority of TV channels prepares Releases of weather forecasts one broadcasting company - « meteo - TV ». And for each channel special registration of the program is chosen. For example, for regional « Messages » TV channel « Russia 1 » on « meteo - TV » have thought up an animated map of Moscow Region over which there are rains or the sun shines. On NTV leaders tell about weather absolutely not semi-officially, as though to friends behind a cup of tea. .


Think, simply to foretell, what weather will be in a week, in a month or year? And here try - on a national calendar of signs in August there are some days on which judge weather in the autumn or in the winter.

on August, 15th. Stepan Senoval. « what Stepan Senoval, is that also September ». On what days

15 - on August, 19th, defined weather for September - January.

on August, 16th. Isaaky and Anton Vihrovej. What Vihrovej, is that also October. If a wind with whirlwinds - expect snow winter. Zavihrit from different directions - there will be a furious winter with thick snow on houses. « what Isaaky, is that also Nikola Winter (on December, 19th) ».

on August, 19th. Transfiguration. The second, or Apple, Has rescued. Dry day foretells dry autumn, wet - wet, and clear - severe winter. « What day in the second Has rescued, the Holy Protection (on October, 14th) » is that also;.

on August, 21st. Miron the Weathercock. « what Miron the Weathercock, is that also January ».

on August, 23rd. Day of the Lawrence. Look at midday at water in the rivers and lakes: if it is silent, the autumn will be silent, and winter - without blizzards and malicious blizzards. If strong heat or heavy rains will be so long - all the autumn long.

on August, 27th. A micheas. If cranes depart on the south to the middle of October the frost will begin, and are not present, the winter will come later. « a micheas with a storm - by rainy September ». « On the Micheas winds - tihovei - to vedrenoj » blow autumns;. Svetlana Muraveva did not think that the strongest heat should be worried in Moscow.