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Why young cucumbers turn yellow?

- I grow up cucumbers. And as soon as appears zavjaz or small cucumbers, they start to turn yellow at once. It is necessary to break them. I, of course, the beginning gardener - the truck farmer, but after all and at neighbours the same problem. Prompt, maybe, we something not so we do?

Zoe Petrovna Zajchenko, Zhirnovsk.

- Most likely, from - for scarcity of your soil, cucumbers do not have not enough food for normal development. And to eliminate this problem, it is necessary zanavozhivat the earth. In - the first, before landing. And then, after the next harvesting. Well, or at least once a week. Also for this purpose will approach also liquid korovjak or mineral fertilizers. They need to be chosen or specially for cucumbers, or classical, containing fluorine, potassium and phosphorus. The blessing that now on counters of their shops is enough.

By the way, a problem zheltenija small cucumbers can call and, to the contrary, a soil reforage fresh korovjakom. Many think that so it is much more useful, but this erroneous opinion. In fresh – plentiful allocation of ammonia. And it is very harmful to cucumbers.