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Why tomatoes are ill?

- our site is located in Sredneahtubinsky area. Here tuzhe the third year we put tomatoes not in an open ground, and in a film hothouse. Normally to grow on usual beds they why - that have ceased. The tomatoes grown up in an open ground small, with black stains, in a fruit – firm inedible weight of white colour. And happens that in the end of June they on a broader scale dry up. And such problem at many the summer resident and peasants. And even buying tomatoes in shop, we face a problem of tasteless, thick-skinned tomatoes. Help to understand, in what a problem?

Varakin P. P, Volga.

- Under the description it is possible to tell that it gribkovo - virus disease. An infection carrier are insects wreckers: a plant louse or a cicada. Therefore the main task – not to allow to them to destroy your crop. It is necessary to examine plants that insects did not gather on leaves and stalks. To struggle with them it is necessary, since the spring system preparations. The blessing that now on regiments of shops it a large quantity. Also, that there were no fungi, plants need to be sprayed medsoderzhashchimi preparations. It is good here bordosskaja a liquid. Still it is necessary to try to observe a crop rotation, that is to land tomatoes every year in different places. And to try to leave whenever possible between beds with tomatoes and other cultures it is as much as possible place. And after harvesting to clean a dry tops of vegetable and to burn it, instead of to use for compost.