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Brigantina floats to Japan

November visit representative: the working group flies at once after the President of the Russian Federation. Visit important and useful – not so possibility to estimate and try on on local realities « more often drops out; the Asian economic miracle » as name the rising sun Country.

Chairman TSZH « Brigantina » Valery Demidov flies to Japan for the first time, till now received representation only about one large Asian country – about China. But densely populated superdeveloped rich Japan promises absolutely other impressions.

We have asked Valery Nikolaevicha – to that does he intend to give particular attention on such important trip?

- I Hope to adopt experience of power saving up technologies. For all of us, workers of sphere of housing and communal services, it is obvious – expenses on introduction of modern technologies economic. For example, in ours TSZH illumination re-equipment at entrances today has begun. We want to leave from usual 40 - vattnyh bulbs, to replace with light-emitting diodes – durable and consuming in times there is less than electric power. Replacement of lighting devices at one entrance will manage TSZH in 30 thousand roubles, but the economy of energy will pay back all, it is favourable to tenants.


be not afraid of vandalism? Really will not be wishing to borrow expensive devices?  

It is possible, but in a life light-emitting diodes are difficult for using. Besides, 11 - summer experience of ours TSZH shows: people change. All of them feel themselves as owners of an entrance, house more, take part in work TSZH &ndash more actively; help, advise. We had a skeleton of tenants - veterans against whom we can lean in work. Move-ins, of course, first stand on a consumer position, but also they quickly like care of the houses and appreciate care TSZH.  

- Just, in 8. 00, we heard a call to the dispatcher – the citizen called the sanitary technician. And the expert should arrive to 9. 00.  

- And necessarily will arrive. Usual practice for « Brigantiny » - tenants fix time meetings, instead of we. In TSZH the emergency service is perfectly organised. For example, the last cruel winter our workers were on duty round the clock, bypassed « weak » places. We provide to emergency brigades mobile communication, we give out 30 litres of gasoline for a month. All it leads to good results – it was possible to avoid major accidents in the winter, and time of mobilisation and help arrival to our tenants as a whole is sharply reduced.

I Can tell as that giving thanks 17 povysitelnym to pump stations in all 28 houses of ours TSZH the good pressure of cold water is saved. Many inhabitants of the top floors of microdistrict Vzletka face a problem of shortage of water, at us it is solved.

We have established videocameras over entrances of houses. They allow employees TSZH to watch property of house owners and rather in court yard and vacation spots. By the way, them in « Brigantine » it is a lot of: special figures for employment by a skateboard, two hockey boxes, children`s playgrounds, street training apparatus.

Well, and about gardening of court yard of ours TSZH across Krasnoyarsk legends go. It is pleasant that tenants do not remain indifferent. One house owner, the artist, dreams to land opposite to office TSZH a bed in a kind brigantiny.  


- As though you tried, to all will not please. Work with people is very difficult. For certain and in yours TSZH there are dissatisfied.

- Unfortunately, it is inevitable. Conflicts happen. Last has been initiated by our employee. In reply to the offer to leave the person has started in mass-media the deformed information on incomes and turn TSZH. From March till August in « Brigantine » there has passed check OBEP. The insignificant infringements, any crimes are revealed. I regard happened as attempt rejderskogo capture which has failed. Also it is very grateful to tenants who have shown the weighed position, have supported TSZH « Brigantina ». People understand: to destroy created by decades it is possible quickly, difficultly to create, construct.

I remember the beginning of our work, 1999. Veins then on Bazaihe – among night came on Vzletku that the hands to repair the crane. And conflicts between tenants settled independently. People come till now to me to an office and share personal problems.  

- Perhaps, at you the payment for utilities is overestimated?  

- Anything similar. (Valery Nikolaevich shows receipts on habitation payment.) This year housing service in TSZH remained at level of 2009 – 12 roubles of 30 copecks. We leave on the independent commission in the autumn and we will prove the new prices on 2011 - j. But the majority of our tenants and so understand – they pay for apartment under average city quotations. For example, for 1 - room the area 53 sq. – 3 163 roubles, 3 - room the area of 79 sq. metres – 3 863 roubles.

I think, the great influence on material and a state of mind of people was rendered by crisis. For anybody not a secret that citizens put means in habitation, bought apartments of the big area. And then economic difficulties, work loss. Apartments to contain hard and if they are still got on credit …


is an all-Russian misfortune. By the way, you have much done a bit of travelling on the country. Tell to Krasnoyarsk citizens how we look on the general background in respect of housing and communal services?  

- Russia is great, the great influence on housing and communal services status renders a climate. The European cities win at Siberian – winters are warmer, but the available housing status everywhere leaves much to be desired. In the European part of the Russian Federation Voronezh &ndash is allocated; there rapid growth TSZH since 2002. In Siberia it is considered to front lines Tomsk. As to Krasnoyarsk, at us TSZH rather it is a lot of – More than 420, but as a whole fellowships of proprietors of habitation not in such honour, as management companies. The idea of creation of management companies on the basis of TSZH by a principle now moves ahead: one house – one TSZH. As a matter of fact, return of the Soviet school of house managers is planned. We already passed it: « the House manager – the friend of the person ».

I see an essential lack of such way of management of available housing: tenants cannot accurately track an expenditure of means. Besides, it is required to more time for liquidation of municipal failures – term of mobilisation of the personnel will increase.  

- Valery Nikolaevich, « Brigantina » well-known at federal level. How you managed to glorify Krasnoyarsk TSZH?  

- From the very beginning of existence « Brigantiny » I participated in the All-Russia seminars, communicated with chairmen of fellowships from the central and southern Russia, exchanged experience. In 2005 we have won the grant under the project « Open Russia » we co-operate with the Moscow colleagues, deputies of the State Duma, we are a member of the Russian housing federation. « Brigantina » always drew attention, after all Krasnoyarsk was one of the first Russian cities where TSZH were created on base not one apartment house, and covered a complex in one microdistrict.  

- And here natural result – the governmental trip to Japan. Probably, in hope that Valery Demidov will not miss foreign experience which can be adapted for domestic conditions.  

- the Main thing that we should take out from long-term foreign practice already now – the person in the answer for the habitation, it should operate the house. And in this sense experience TSZH, in particular, « Brigantiny » - for Krasnoyarsk it is invaluable. Complete control of an expenditure of means, close contact to a management, fast reaction to municipal problems - anything is more reliable TSZH for apartment houses in the world yet have not thought up.