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We collect the child in 1 - j a class

the First time in the first class. Each of us heard this phrase, probably, one thousand times in life, here only its sense start to realise only when to thy child 7 years are executed and in the autumn to you to go to school. It would Seem, just the kid has taken the first independent step, has told the first coherent phrase, then one remained in a kindergarten and has not begun to cry. New Year`s vacation, summer of a trip on a visit to the grandmother; some years have flown by, as birches behind a train window.

And here it, last summer of free life, already comes to an end. Children are, of course, stirred and think of future changes in their life but how their parents worry, anybody does not worry. Personally I, as mum of the first-grader, to the middle of August postponed all purchases to school, in a shower hoping to remove inevitable approach of September. I am not stirred that my child « will not pull ». To read, write, consider it is able, with sociability too problems are not present. However it is madly a pity to me that he so has quickly grown. Maturing, kiddies become more independent so, they need us - parents less. And to us from it it is a little bit sad. But all it was lyrical digression, and now, actually, to a gathering subject in school of the first-grader.

the Variant of a school uniform to us have suggested to choose under the catalogue at PTA meeting, mums of boys have stopped on trousers and a vest, all have together decided that jackets pervoklashkam are not necessary, mums of girls have agreed on a sundress variant. To what shops to go behind this form, to us the teacher too has told. Besides, to us have suggested to buy 4 propisi under our training program and 2 textbooks: on manual skills and natural study. Other necessary textbooks: on mathematics, Russian and reading - to all first-graders will give out from school library. The rest that it is necessary to buy all by September, 1st, appeared in a special instruction for parents. Have spent for circulation on shops some days. Behind a backpack in one place, behind the sports form - in another. The general check is presented more low.

the School uniform:

trousers - 640 rivers

a waistcoat - 740 rivers

a tie - 120 rivers

the Sabanon - 300 rivers

the Polo-neck - 270 rivers

Shoes - 850 rivers

the Backpack - 1200 rivers

the Case - 120 rivers

In a case: handles - dark blue, green; pencils simple, a sharpener, a ruler,

lastik - about 100 rivers

Color pencils - 50 rivers

Writing-books on 10 pieces in a cage and a ruler - 75 rivers

the Complete set of covers (15רע.) - 120 rivers

Schetnye of a stick - 25 rivers

Cash desk of letters, syllables and figures - 110 rivers

Propisi and textbooks - 690 rivers

For manual training:

Plasticine - 40 rivers

the Color paper, a cardboard - 65 rivers

Scissors - 25 rivers

Glue - 6 rivers

the Folder - 70 rivers

For a drawing lesson:

the Album - 30 rivers

Gouache - 150 rivers

Brushes (squirrel) - 80 rivers

the Glass - naprolevajka - 10 rivers

For a physical culture lesson:

Shorts (black) - 150 rivers

the T-shirt (white) - 100 rivers

the Jumpsuit - 1200 rivers

Sneakers - 330 rivers

the Mobile phone and this - a map - 1 100 rivers

TOTAL: 8 thousand 766 roubles.

the impressive figure and this with the fact that we tried to choose things and office in a combination the price - quality As a result turned out. Probably, it would be possible to save on something, but after all we for the first time go to the first class that is why so it would be desirable that I pervoklashka was most - most …