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« the Dog Tyler sometimes smiles! »

Ekaterina Severin from Rostov-on-Don writes:
« Our dog call Tyler. You at all do not imagine, what is a kind and friendly dog! When I come from work, he from all paws runs to me on a meeting. A pier, the mistress as I have missed! Stroke me! And I with pleasure iron the favourite. Sometimes our Tyler smiles. Yes, yes, so! Smiles! Its charming muzzle blurs in a smile during any especially pleasant moments for Tyler. Ndo to tell that a pass, more kindly, than our Tyler, I did not meet never in the life! So, for example, it never barks at other our dog — the Ball. While a ball — the present conceited person. Tyler is ready to divide with it last stone. We very much love our dog. Its photo in a heading « my Wild beasts » all of us very much will please. »

the Dog Patrick likes to play with children


the Dog Patrick.

Andrey Tarbashov from Rostov-on-Don Writes:
« To our dog to Patrick of 7 years. He very kind and to admit fairly, lazy dog. But its laziness touches all in our family. Moreover, to Patrick as to the favourite, all is allowed! Patrick`s hobby — Dream on the sun and games with children. He very much loves kids and always straetsja to lick them in the person. However terpnija it suffices for a short while. Games and overindulgence of kiddies very quickly tyre him, and then Patrick hides where - nibud far away. There, where it is possible to doze easy. »