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On the French resort has appeared Lenin

This event, already had time to call appreciable scandal, has occurred in the south of France, on the well-known luxurious resort of Monpele. Three-metre bronze Ilyich in weight in ton has decorated one of city squares.

the statue of the leader, traditionally specifying a hand a way to mankind, has appeared at the initiative of George Fresha heading Advice of region Languedoc - Roussilon in which Monpele is located. Mese Fresh has conceived to establish there monuments to ten greatest people of the XX-th century of work of sculptor Francois Kasho. Have begun with Lenin. Soon there will be Charles statues de Gaulle, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Jean Jores`s French socialist, Mahatmy Gandi, Mao Tszeduna, Nelson Mandelas, the former Egyptian president Gamalja Nasera and eks - a premiere of Israel Goldy Meir.

the Local right have already accused Fresha that that « glorifies communistic dictators » Meaning Lenin and Mao. But the head of region is not going to surrender. He has underlined that applicants were selected not by moral criteria or ideological views, and on degree of influence on history.

« Lenin - one of the greatest people of the XX-th century, - has explained Fresh at opening of a monument to the leader. - if there was no October revolution there would be no also a decolonization ».

By the way, the author of the courageous project does not exclude that to « to ten great » one more our compatriot - Joseph Stalin can join.

by the way Fresh - ardent antistalinist. Long time it consisted in French sotspartii, but three years ago with scandal has been excluded from it for racist statements (it publicly showed discontent with that in a national football national team   the majority of players - black).  

Nikolay`s VORONTSOVA Fig.

And you to whom a monument would put the QUESTION of DAY?

Alexey LEONOV, the space pilot, twice the Hero of Soviet Union:

- to Yury Gagarin as to a symbol of a new era in mankind life. And politicians it is a lot of commanders, and the trailblazer of space - one!

Mark ZAHAROV, hudruk « Lenkoma »:

- to Andrey Dmitrievichu Saharovu. Its person nezasluzhenno and, I think, deliberately forget.

Svetlana HORKINA, the Olympic champion, the deputy of the State Duma:

- I would not put to anybody. Good, worthy a monument to people it is necessary to render attention signs during lifetime.

Sergey MITROKHIN, the party leader « the Apple »:

- to Alexander I who have defeated Napoleon, and Alexander II who have cancelled the serfdom. And still to Nikolay Gumilev, Anna Ahmatovoj and Marina Tsvetaeva.

Sergey SMIRNOV, the head of management International military - musical festival « the Spassky tower - 2010 »:

- to Vasily Ivanovichu Agapkinu. The well-known march « Farewell of the Slav » He has written in 1912 - the m, this product already almost excites 100 years human souls. « the Slav » at our festival with pleasure execute also ours, and foreign musicians.

Michael TURKISH (« Chorus Turkish ») :

- Luchano Pavarotti is one of the best opera singers of the XX-th century.

Oscar GOJHMAN, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the writer - the satirist, the expert in Russian floor-mat:

- to Victor Tchernomyrdin. Though it not-made-by-hand to itself(himself) has erected a monument, having enriched Russian with juicy expressions: « Wanted as better... » « we have executed all points from « And » to « »...

Vladimir VINOKUR, the humorist:

- it is amusing, and what for Lenin on the French resort? It France has brought what advantage? Is better de Gaulle would put!

a glitch ’ Īzą, the singer:

- the Madonna. She is the woman - a legend, present the slogger. And in the more than mature age stirs man`s hearts.

Tatyana HOMJAKOVA, the sculptor, Armavir:

- the Russian woman! It so much on the shoulders bore - both in war, and in reorganisation, and now. I Imagine a monument so: there is a woman with tjazhelennymi bags, and nearby - two children.

Vasily KURIJANOV, the system administrator, the reader of a site, Volgograd:

- to Kaspersky, it is the main defender of our computers and all information. Now without it we already anywhere.