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The inhabitant of Kuzbas wanted to fill cones, and the Married couple from Novokuznetsk has earned crisis

, having decided to fill up the family budget by means of cedar cones, has gone behind them to the nearest wood. Officially to collect them in Kuzbas it is not authorised yet, and for illegal extraction the penalty from 100 to 300 roubles threatens. Knowing it, the husband with the wife to avoid financial troubles, have followed nuts late at night when the inspector in a taiga already hardly you will meet.

In wood of the spouse have divided duties: the woman as easier got on a tree, broke branches with cones, and the husband in the bottom of them peeled. Having pulled behind the next branch, novokuznechanka has lost balance and has departed downwards.

Cedar paws have softened falling, but from traumas it have not rescued. 37 - the summer woman has received serious bruises, hip and clavicle crisis. To evacuate suffered of wood, her husband had to call to the aid employees of Novokuznetsk service of rescue. They have informed suffered to the car which have come tearing along on a call « fast ».

And after all wait for the spouse some days, and it not should so to risk it. From now on in Kuzbas the season of preparation of cedar cones opens. And to collect them it is possible free of charge and in any quantities: norms in 20 kgs on one person have been cancelled in 2007.

- the Main condition that cones extracted not in the barbarous ways and did not hurt a tree bark. It leads to illness, and further and to  destruction of a cedar, - has told a press - the secretary of department of a wood complex Tatyana Jartseva. - Breaking off branches, people themselves deprive of a crop the next year: after all it is thus destroyed young zavjaz.

By the way, by a recognition of experts, a crop of cones this year at us below an average: from one cedar it is possible to collect less buckets of nuts. And on some trees also has at all grown all on 20 - 30 cones.

- the Cedar and so only time in four years well bears fruit, and this year also weather has brought, - have explained to us in department of a wood complex.

It is expected that the small harvest will affect the prices and pine nuts this year will cost more expensive, than in the past.