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To all there is a business to us therefore we build a temple

For time last from the beginning of this year, the amount of works,   here is executed; which was not under force to builders the last three years. If works proceed the same rates in the beginning of the next year it will be possible to start furnish of premises of a temple.

In the beginning of this week the mayor of Tallinn has familiarised with a course of building of a temple Edgar Savisaar. « From seen at me very good impression. It is felt that times, when   building stood, behind » - has told   to journalists the mayor of Estonian capital.

the Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar listens to explanatories of assistant Denis Borodicha.
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Edgar Savisaar has told Leonids MAXIMS gathered about the politician municipal   the authorities in sphere of housing construction and repair of school buildings. « in coming educational year pupils four schools will sit down at once for school desks in almost new buildings » - has underlined Edgar   Savisaar.     It has concerned also employment questions. « if the government considers that the most important purpose — it is euro we aspire   to that there were workplaces and unemployment » has decreased; - has not failed   to pin up the political opponents of Savisaar already as the leader of Centrist party, which   Is in power in capital, but in opposition in parliament.