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What grants the pregnant woman can receive at dismissal?

I work as the seller for the private businessman. Having learnt about my pregnancy, the mistress demands, that I have paid off and have risen on labour exchange. How to me to arrive? How the sick-list if I pay off under the agreement of parties will be paid and I will be registered on unemployment?
in advance thanks.

First of all it is important to understand, as relations of future mum with the employer are legally issued.

pay attention : at statement on the account in early terms of pregnancy (till 12 weeks) and maternity and birth benefit (established by decree) the woman who works under the labour contract can receive a lump sum. If the employer does not make out the work record card and (or) the labour contract and the future mum works under the contract on performance of works, rendering of services and etc. Or no documents are made out at all on the legal status in respect of grants such woman is equated to the unemployed. In this case to it the above-stated grants do not shine.

in yours, Alina, situations in the presence of labour relations dismissal « on pregnancy » certainly, illegally. But, if all of you - taki solve (or to you it is necessary) to leave under the agreement of parties can receive the grants provided for jobless young mums, namely:

- a lump sum at a birth of the child: 10 988, 85 rbl.;

- the monthly grant on care of the child till one and a half years: 2 060, 41 rbl. a month at a birth of the first child and 4 120, 83 rbl. at a birth of the second and the subsequent children.

both grants are paid in body sotszashchity in a residence.

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