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The deputy chief was gone in Voronezh jurotdela Tchizhov`s Galleries : murder or a hellbender?

34 - the summer Novel Zaborovsky was gone still on June, 14th. Deputy chief of legal department the last saw three its friends. That day they together drank on the river Usmanke in New Usmansky area. With them there were two girls - girlfriends of acquaintances of the Novel. As later friends related to a to the investigation, the company has left from small river about seven mornings. Zabrovsky has landed friends and on the Hendae has gone home on street Dimitrova. Approximately at this time at the man phone was switched off. But after three hours the watchman of parking place near its house saw, how that sat down in the car with any man.

According to the wife of the Novel, last time they spoke by phone at 11 o`clock in the evening on June, 13th. Then he has told to the spouse that goes home. However itself has gone on small river...

After some days relatives have written in militia the application for disappearance Zaborovsky.

- on July, 13th we have filed criminal charges under article « Murder » - Michael Gradinar, the inspector WITH on Left-bank area of SOU SKP tells the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region . - And on July, 29th in the street Perevertkina we have found « Hyundai » Zaborovsky. His wife has opened the car a spare key, and in a luggage carrier we have found out licence plates.

and it, according to the inspector, says that, most likely, with the man really something happens. His wife asserts that many should the husband. But how much - to tell it is exact cannot. Acquaintances and relatives of the Novel have characterised it, as cheerful and sociable person. His wife and the two children, to one of which all year. Searches of the Novel Zaborovsky proceed.

If you know something about destiny of the Novel, inspectors ask to call by phones: (4732) 22 - 89 - 78, 22 - 89 - 76 .