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And how to you fitness in five mornings?

in spite of the fact that there is an opinion, as if in cinema all for fun, it not absolutely so. For example, when speech comes about shootings new a sketch - show « you Give youth » in sports hall! For fun - that for fun, however to be wrung out to children it was necessary on - to the present!

On a plot, guys should be wrung out furiously. Have removed one double, the second, the third … And if in the beginning children were accepted for otzhimanija with enthusiasm, by the end of shootings at them lomilo all muscles. Hands then were ill actors some more days!

Has got also to the weaker sex « you Give youth »: actresses represented torturing fitness of girls … in five mornings! A night shift – it can`t be helped … Here this pressing forward to beauty!

Perhaps, more others has carried to Aslan Bizhoevu and Egor Salnikovu: hardly having caught sight of basketball balls, children have there and then arranged with mass meeting « igrishcha »! Behind games in basketball change has flown by imperceptibly!

- It has appeared that I not bad throw! – Egor smiles.