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Gennady Onishchenko: do not stick now on beds - rescue not a crop, and the health!

today`s weather has pleased everything, but especially summer residents. The underground and electric trains were attacked by active grandmothers and grandfathers with bags on castors. Hurry to rescue a crop which was not lost yet from - for wild heats.

and meanwhile the main health officer of the Russian Federation warns:

- Any sharp fluctuation of temperature, both towards increase, and towards fall (and a difference between 32 and 22 degrees for one days are serious enough fluctuation), this test for an organism, - Gennady Onishchenko has told today. - I recommend more shows consideration for the health right now, instead of to rush to rescue the crop and to stick on beds to the last. For two days all of you equally will not make up for all defects. It is not necessary to rescue a crop, he will rescue itself(himself), and you rescue the health.

Head Rospotrebnadzora of the Russian Federation has recommended to Russians at sharp jumps of temperature to accept polyvitamins, less to move, correctly to eat, especially paying attention to a drinking mode, and also to put on on weather. And to people with chronic diseases, it is especially warm - vascular and pulmonary, not to forget about the preparations appointed doctors, in time to measure pressure and to watch closely the state of health.

- but the most important thing, it is necessary to look ahead optimistically. We have endured a heat - and it is good, - has added Onishchenko.