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The favourite group of the Madonna has refused to go on the Eurovision

In spite of the fact that competition here only in May has passed in Oslo, in Ukraine have already started to accept application forms for participation. The list of interested persons is curious enough.

Verka Serdjuchka and recently become by Anastas Prihodko`s mum want to make the Second attempt. Then opening « the New wave - 2008 » - singer Dzhamala. « Rivets » and « Pair normal » lighted at the same competition in Jurmala in 2007. Plus of steam Ukrainian « manufacturers ». But the most amusing that on « the Eurovision » under messages of the Ukrainian press, gathers and Gogol Bordello, whose leader, Evgenie Gudz, davnym - has emigrated for a long time abroad from Kiev.

What for to children, for a long time and successfully doing career in the West, participation in similar action, was not clear. By the way, « Gogols » - one of favourite groups of the Madonna. The star even took children on the performances. For example, on a stadium scene « Wembley » they have together executed its hit « La Isla Bonita » and Gipsy national « Lela Pala Tute ». Also the singer, having excited « Gogols » has shot a low budget film about the Ukrainian emigrant living in London, with Evgenie Gudzem in a leading role.

Despite such patroness and great popularity in the world, Gogol Bordello have all the same decided to participate in song competition - probably that Ukraine at last has received an appreciation from the countries - participants « Eurovisions ». And who knows, can, garny hloptsy on friendship it is tightened the Madonna to competition, on podpevki?

but to dreams it was not fated to come true - on August, 19th on a group site there was a refutation of this news: - Any Eurovisions . Believe only to that information which is published on this site - the group declares.