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Ryurik dynasty descendants want to seize to themselves Tula kreml?

on August, 16th the Arbitration court of Moscow has started to consider the fund claim « Princely » on the right of termless using the Moscow Kremlin. This fund unites all descendants of a sort Ryurik dynasty. The first hearing on   to unusual business it is appointed to October, 18th.

However descendants of a princely sort were not limited to heart of capital. In the near future claims in courts will arrive on the right of termless using several more known Russian historical monuments.

All representatives of a princely sort apply for 89 objects of the culture scattered in territory already of three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

the Most interesting that in this list is also Tula kreml which, seemingly, will appear also in Ryurik dynasty claim.

However not all so is bad, as it seems. It appears, descendants correcting in Russia with 862 for 1598 of a sort, only want to participate in care of historical values.

In the Most Tula kremle such information have conceived with irony.

- We are very surprised by such news, - has told to us the employee of a museum « Tula kreml » Larissa Polegaeva . – If to understand, Ryurik dynasty to ours kremlju has no relation. Unlike the Moscow Kremlin, at us kreml it was used as a strong hold, instead of a place of abiding of princes. Tula kremlem owned voevody which everyone changed 1,5 – 2 years. And on a broader scale now the museum belongs to the state.

However if Ryurik dynasty descendants will wish to take part in care of the Tula Kremlin, employees of a museum only will be glad.