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Duck hunting for juzhnouraltsev starts a week later

the Next season of hunting already started: the most courageous left on a wild boar and a bear. And ahead still mass hunting for ducks and hares. But against whoever has raised a hand of arrows, in its this season new rules wait. The head of department of protection and fauna control has told about them at the ministry of ecological security of area Andrey Pitovin.

In - the first, henceforth each hunter should have at itself four documents. It is the hunting ticket, the contract (or the contract - a vacation package), the permission to the weapon and the permission to hunting. And the last will give out only in the event that the hunter will write the written statement. Now it is not enough oral request.

the Second innovation: in the statement it is necessary to specify the given passports. This rule revolts many marksmen. But to bypass it it will not be possible — that is demanded by the federal law. Let`s tell it is more, on passport data the information on the hunter will be brought in the uniform register.

the Third news: ohotbilety the old sample (each society of local marksmen gave out the special crusts) lose the former purpose. By July, 1st, 2011 juzhnouraltsy should receive the state hunting tickets of the uniform sample. Who and where them will give out, officials yet have not solved. But replacement will begin in advance. Most likely, since March. Speak, for marksmen it will be free.

By the way, after tickets many ohotpolzovateli can lose the earths. By new rules in area should be not less than 20 % of grounds of the general using. While than them there is less than percent. Missing will take away from those users who badly care of hunters and animals. The contract with the state at many economy just expires in 2015.

And, at last, about interdictions. Hunting for an elk on - former out of the law. And for a day one marksman can extract no more than one hare, 10 waterfowls (this restriction operates till October, 1st), and also 5 goals of a hazel grouse or 5 goals of steppe or field game.


On ducks we will start to shoot later

to Hunt on waterfowls in our corner of the world usually begin already with the end of August. But in this season duck hunting have transferred for September, 4th. The reason — fires. The less people will be in wood and on the coast overgrown with a dry cane, the better. And here hunting for a wild boar and a bear did not begin to postpone: here with arrows always there is a huntsman, it keeps order.


Terms of hunting 2010 — 2011

On whom we go In what terms
the Brown bear on August, 1st - on December, 31st
Males kosuli Siberian during time gona on August, 25th - on September, 30th
All polovozrastnye groups kosuli Siberian on November, 15th - on December, 31st
Natatorial and bolotno - meadow game On September, 4th - on November, 15th
Borovaja, steppe and field game on September, 4th - on January, 31st
the Woodcock on September, 4th - on October, 31st
the Badger on September, 1st - on November, 15th
the Muskrat on September, 15th - on April, 1st
the Beaver European and a raccoon dog on October, 1st - on February, 28th
A mink American, a column, the squirrel, a lynx, a marten, an ermine, a trochee, korsak, caress on October, 15th - on February, 28th
All polovozrastnye groups of a wild boar (except females with an issue of this year) on July, 21st - on November, 14th from the approach or from an ambush on podkormochnyh platforms or fodder fields; on November, 15th - on December, 31st in all resolved ways
the Wild boar is elderly till one year on January, 1st - on February, 28th from an ambush on podkormochnyh platforms
the Hare On September, 15th - on October, 31st with hounds or fleet dogs (should have the inquiry or the certificate on an origin), and also on November, 1st - on January, 31st in all resolved ways
the Fox on September, 15th - on October, 31st with hounds and fleet (the inquiry or the certificate on an origin), and also on November, 1st - on February, 28th in all resolved ways