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Cellular zavis under repair? You can receive its double price!

Alexey`s new cellular telephone has worked month, and one button has then broken. With this elementary defect in service - the centre have promised to consult for couple of days. However for the third day         have asked to wait over the weekend, then have advised to call in the end of a month - a pier, the necessary details will not arrive in any way. “ as a result has passed already half a year, and phone and have not repaired! ” - Alexey is surprised. The young man has been urged to buy new “ a tube ” also is interested: what to do with phone which has got stuck in guarantee repair?

- Remember: the maximum term of guarantee repair of any goods, including technics irrespective of complexity of its device, makes 45 calendar (instead of workers!) Days - according to item 20 of the Law of the Russian Federation “ About protection of the rights of consumers!, - our expert, the lawyer of the Society of protection of the rights of consumers « explains; Public control » Dmitry Lesnjak .

From first day of infringement of this term the buyer acquires the right to change the requirement, that is it is possible to refuse easy reception of technics from repair and to insist on a refund or replacement of the defective goods by the new.

pay attention: with such requirements it is necessary to go to the seller of technics, “ zavisshej ” in service - the centre (STS). Refer to articles 18 and 23 mentioned laws, and as acknowledgement of delay of repair show the receipt which to you have given out at delivery of the broken device in service - the centre - the date from which it is counted limiting 45 - dnevnyj term there is specified.

- Also you have the right to monetary indemnification - the penalty which is paid to the buyer for infringement of term of repair, - Dmitry Lesnjak informs pleasant news. - the Size of the penalty - one percent from cost of the technics which has got stuck in service - the centre, per every day of repair delay. And, the maximum sum of the penalty is not limited to the law! That is, for example, in Alexey`s situation for 4,5 months of delay (1,5 months we subtract from half a year on resolved 45 - dnevnyj repair term) the penalty will make almost one and a half price of phone - 134 percent!

we will specify: if the buyer all - taki decides to wait to the technician from repair, the penalty “ will drop ” for all days, since 46 - go day of abiding of the goods in service - the centre and about day of delivery in a serviceable kind. If the consumer changes the requirement (see above) have all the same the right to receive the penalty: From the first day of delay of repair about one day when the new wish will be declared. By the way, for performance of new requirements too exist the terms (no more than 10 days on a refund and no more than month on goods replacement at its absence in a warehouse of the seller), and for their infringement also it is necessary 1 - the percentage daily penalty.

and more one argument which is useful to you at dialogue with employees STS: in the law it is strictly told that absence in service - the centre or at suppliers of necessary details, spare parts, the equipment and etc. is not the basis neither for a repair tightening, nor for clearing of the penalty (Law item 20 “ About protection of the rights of consumers ”).

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