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In the Tver region bears leave to people in search of food

Throughout three weeks one clumsy kept in awe inhabitants of several villages of Vyshnevolotsky area. Ogolodavshy, it left to apiaries. And, having tried medku, back in wood has not wanted to leave. On shouts and shots in air only growled. The frightened peasants were converted into militia and to huntsmen with the beast request to tame.

to Huntsmen the bear should be killed. Speak, if the beast has ceased to be afraid of people, its people should be afraid.

However bears in search of food leave to people extremely seldom. Try to find livelihood in wood, eating drop on big fires, mushrooms berries from - for heats in wood are not present. Without having developed the fat, many of them can and at all in hibernation not lie down. And the bear - a rod is extremely dangerous.

- In hot and dry weather similar behaviour of wild animals explainably. The forage has stood out bad, here the bear and goes on villages in search of water and food.   From the beginning of year at us 16 cases of an exit of animals to settlements are fixed, it not only bears, but also elks, wild boars, - the chief of the department ohotopolzovanija and fisheries of Department of management by natural resources and preservations of the environment of the Tver region Anatoly Elkin has sounded statistics .

it appears, in a heat the wild beasts not only ruin apiaries and tread kitchen gardens of peasants. There is also an advantage. For example, this year it was possible to avoid kindlings on many peatbogs thanks to beavers.

- it is a lot of Beavers. They build dams, podtaplivajut peatbogs. If last years arrived complaints to floodings this year they in the blessing, - Elkin continues much.

Bears, truth, still can lie down in hibernation if weather is adjusted. naedjatsja a fresh crop of wild apples, can, and the cranberry will keep up.

By the way as soon as cool weather will be established, an interdiction for hunting which has been entered everywhere in woods of region, the authorities promise to remove.

it is important!
If the wild wild beasts tread a kitchen garden and ruin beehives, call in Management ohotopolzovanija: +7(4822) 70 - 05 - 22 .