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Sergey Shnurov revives Leningrad

Apparently, to Sergey money, differently urgently was necessary than to explain « exhumation » recently buried with all honours « Leningrad »? Then Cords has told that creates the new project « Rouble » - specially for korporativov. The pier, in it will be only three persons against 15 « leningradtsev » and it, accordingly, will reserve is more often.

Has passed almost two years from the moment of the activity termination « Leningrad » as news that in the Moscow club « suddenly comes; Arena » on November, 26th and 27 will pass concerts of legendary group in former structure.

Shnurovu needs now many money. « rouble » it has not enough...
the Photo: Alexey MATVEEV

Thus as the group site « says; Rouble » its tours are painted till November, 2010. It means that actors will participate in two collectives simultaneously. Most likely, similar creative activity is connected by that Sergey married not so long ago journalist Elena Mozgovoj.

the Newly-married couple plans the child, accordingly, it is required more money for a family. Here the Cord also has solved « to fork » acting and in « Rouble » and in « Leningrad ». Not so long ago, by the way, the actor has declared to our journalist in Perm: « I feel nostalgia on group Leningrad . More likely even on atmosphere in a make-up room which was ». Apparently, it will be fast in a make-up room at Sergey a former brothel.