Rus News Journal

On Kuban inhabitant Apsheronska has seduced the schoolgirl

20 - summer Ruben Mativosjan (the name is changed. - a comment red.) From Apsheronska long could not find the house of the companion. With the friend at it the meeting on which young men were going to solve the questions connected with work has been appointed. When Ruben has seen a court yard approaching under the description, was there and then knocked in a gate.

- Who there? - The girl has asked, looking out of a window.

is a militia, I should check up your house, - without batting an eyelid, the gatecrasher when has understood has told lies that not there has got.

13 - summer Marina has there and then started up in the visitor. The girl was at this time at home one. Her parents have left on earnings in other city, and for the schoolgirl the grandmother who lives in the neighbourhood looked.

- the Visitor was drunk, when has seen the girl, has suggested it to be engaged with it sex, - inspectors tell apsheronskie. - the schoolgirl was frightened and has asked the uncle not to touch it. But he already heard nothing - has tumbled down the girl on a bed and, a crop that will kill her if she refuses, has forced unfortunate to be engaged with it in oral sex.

the Young man has satisfied the sexual requirements and happy left the house. Scared Marina there and then has run to the grandmother and has told about all.

the Woman has written the application in militia.

- the Criminal we searched for some months, - have explained us in Belorechensky interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory. - and only one of these days left on its trace. The suspect all this time disappeared in Abkhazia.

On it we have already got criminal case as regards 4 articles 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (« Violent acts of sexual character »). If in court its fault will confirm, to the tyrant shines till 20 years of prison.