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In the Perm edge the pregnant woman has rescued three sinking people

In the end of October at Gulshat Abdulmanovoj the second child, the boy, a daughter now should be born 11 years. And one of these days the pregnant woman has made the present exploit - it has pulled out from water the girlfriend, her son and 14 - the summer niece.

- Probably, on my place so any normal person would arrive, - Gulshat is over-modest. - When at you in the face of people sink, on consequences do not reflect.

All has begun with tsvetastogo an inflatable ball. It shoal of the river Shakvy in Lysvensky area was played by children. Blow - and a ball has flown away on pair metres. For it has rushed 12 - summer Artemka, without knowing that further - breakage and a whirlpool. Not able to float the fellow began to tighten on depth. To the aid of it mum has rushed, but the terrified fellow has clasped her hands for a neck, and feet for a trunk and has entailed on a bottom.

To them to the aid has rushed 14 - summer Gjuzel. But the woman has seized it by a hand and too has pulled under water.

- I sat on the coast, all it has occurred on my eyes in few seconds, - tells Gulshat. - I have rushed to the river. While floated, has understood that if I will pull out the girlfriend, I will leave under water together with all. It was necessary to drag Artema. Has seized it by a hand, and it other hand for mum keeps, so I which - as   has extended this chain.

Husband Gulshat, having learnt, to what danger has subjected itself and the future child the wife, at first shouted: « You though thought, what did?! If you have sunk, I would be drowned! ». But when in the evening to them to the house with a pie, rural cottage cheese and sour cream have come rescued the girlfriend with the husband and their parents 14 - the summer niece, has grown proud of the spouse.

Fortunately, for health of future mummy and the kid such stress has passed almost not noticed.

- When the sonny will be born, I necessarily to it will tell, how we with it together rescued people, - tells Gulshat.