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How much is in Saratov to collect the first-grader in school

Till September, first two weeks, but the son has already tortured us questions when we will go to buy to it school accessories. It and is clear, our Romka goes to the first class. Warned by advice of skilled parents, by September, first we have started to save money in advance, however even they have not sufficed to prepare the child for school properly. However, judge.

Having run on four big supermarkets and five shops in the markets, we have made the estimate of expenses. The minimum expenses will pour out approximately in 12 thousand roubles.

the Considerable part of school assortment is sold by specialised school shops. However the prices for writing-books and handles here in times are more expensive, than on markets. However, it is necessary to give due, in the markets and the choice is less. And writing-books with « Spajdermenom » namely they are wanted by Romka, you will find not on each tray. We decide to begin with shop nevertheless.

Here the eye joyfully stops on writing-books. It is a lot of them, the price - from 9 to 25 roubles depending on quantity of sheets and quality of a paper. While we buy 10 pieces on test, we meet neigbour Darya, it too collects the child, truth, in the third class.

- And we already all were prepared for school. It is more than 10 thousand roubles left. It is necessary to buy only a backpack, all in any way we will not find! - she complains. - it is possible to take, of course, for 350 roubles, but it will be the present consumer goods.

Darya knows, about what speaks, portfolios of its Tolka « has translated » it is a lot of. Therefore now tries to take Hungarian. Considers that they it is better Chinese, which businessmen carry from St.-Petersburg and Moscow. And, of course, more qualitatively products of local manufacturers.

As have told to us in Rospotrebnadzore, distinctive features of a good backpack - branches for a school uniform and replaceable footwear, and also qualitative, strong seams and metal locks - lightnings. It is important to know a difference between a product which corresponds to Gosstandart, and a usual knapsack under the name « a backpack » (on markets such goods are called why - that as satchels). Better all - taki to buy it with special rigid plates on a back, employees for preventive maintenance of a curvature of a backbone.

By the way, it is not necessary to grin and concerning backpacks with svetootrazhajushchimi inserts. A thing useful if to consider mad customs of our drivers on dark roads. The price of such backpack - from 800 to 1,5 thousand roubles. They However, look is very bulky and obviously more than 600 put grammes weigh. Though, can, I simply carp?!

Further under the list writing accessories. The student`s unpretentious handle costs from 7 to 12 roubles.

- buy German and Italian, - Darya here as here Is better. - the Main thing - not Chinese, they not strong, the child will break at the first lesson. We take firms « … … ». To them dokupaem also felt-tip pens at the average price of 60 roubles.

Special attention we give to pencils, simple and colour. As the majority of children are not able to sharpen them to do it it is necessary to us, parents, and sharpening of a cheap pencil from unknown breed of a tree (at the price six roubles) - employment hard.

the Color pencils made in China in cost nearby 50 - 100 roubles, have feature to break in a sharpener and to crumble at drawing. They spoil a paper of albums for drawing and soon become absolutely not suitable. Worse only pencils domestic (firm « the Summer lightning » 30 roubles - packing) which purpose is not clear as they are not sharpened and do not draw. I smother expensive French pencils (from 600 roubles and above) the senior pupil with art talents will understand only. Therefore for the first class it is chosen the Polish office on 150 roubles. Now lastiki. Their choice is huge, the prices from 3 to 15 roubles, quality - from the worst to decent. It is not necessary to buy only multi-coloured lastiki in the form of animals as they do not erase drawn, and successfully do holes in any paper.

Having typed a full package of accessories, we move to shop behind school clothes and the form.

the Prices above, than in the market, but convenient primerka also are not present a crowd. Long we choose, but to pick up a jacket and trousers all it is not possible: that sleeves short, trouser-legs. At last we buy that and another separately. nedeshevo, of course, 2500 roubles, but quality excellent.

- you still will need to buy a waistcoat. However, at us they have ended, - the saleswoman advises.

Well it is necessary so it is necessary. The waistcoat is found in the Covered market of all for 500 roubles. Sellers say that at such price sell last, from next week the new party will go on 750 roubles. Since three thousand roubles there will be price lists on suits - the two, on 200 - 300 roubles will rise in price also footwear. By the way, about footwear. We decide to take not closed boots, and the lungs, almost closed sandals of black colour. The problem has appeared difficult. On counters is brown, white and even in a strip. And here black it was possible to find only from the fifth attempt. On the average on a market boots stand nearby 700 - 900 roubles, krossovki - from 350. We decide - to walk so to walk: we buy two more shirts, with a short and long sleeve - on 250 both 350 roubles and a jumpsuit for 850, thus actively we bargain. But despite dearness, our expenditure all the same copecks in comparison with school clothes for girls. Judge: The school uniform - from 2500 roubles, a shoe - from 1,5 thousand, a T-shirt - from 400 roubles, the jumpsuit price starts from 1200. And it without considering bows, a golf, rezinochek, hairpins.

However as sellers calm, the prices in comparison with last year have grown not strongly, simply « you daddy still young, first time of the son collect, here and are frightened! ».


Elena Asta, the school psychologist:

- Sending the child in the first class, it is necessary to understand, what even the child very well prepared for school gets in another`s and not the world familiar to it. The portfolio - for it is the native thing brought from the house. Put in a satchel pervoklashki a photo of mum or the little sister, a small toy, a disk with a favourite computer game. The main thing that these things were a number.

And the most important thing: for September, 1st by all means present to the child a feast. A campaign in « McDonald`s » performance at theatre, driving on attractions or a solemn family dinner, the pie and ice-cream should where be indispensable. After all all other days - everyday life, notations, diaries, the two, dictations. And on September, 1st – « the first time in the first class »!