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Stylishly, it is strict, very fashionable - the form again has returned to schools!

it would Seem, jeans with fragmentary knees, tolstovki, mini - sundresses — the main thing that it was convenient. But is not present! In the majority of the Chelyabinsk schools in charters have written: the official style in clothes is desirable. It means: any narrow trousers, a skin, rusalochih a flowing hair, pastes, stockings in setochku and hairpins. Someone was limited to such phrase about an official style. And someone, for example 9 - I a grammar school, roughly having argued at PTA meetings, has decided - taki to enter a school uniform!

the Girl in a business suit on corridors does not rush

— last year at us six classes went in shape, — the director 93 - j tells grammar schools Galina ShCherbakova. — have then passed PTA meetings where have made the decision that from this year all elementary school passes to the form. And many 5 — 6 - e classes too have voted. Now at us a uniform cage. For boys have chosen darkly - grey tone, for girls — dark blue. Thus the form is not obligatory. If someone from parents tells: no, my son will not carry — we not begin to insist. But very much we hope that it becomes prestigious. We convince also senior pupils. At the senior school we have stipulated that if jeans, dark, without pastes and not fitting. At us many children continue study in America. There the security guard at an input in school puts a palm to a hand — and, God forbid, the length of a sleeve will be less. We so do not do … But we consider variants of one day off. As in Canada where Saturday is declared « pizhamnym in the afternoon ». Why not to give the chance to be allocated, in one day to come in other clothes. One I will tell: the girl dressed in a business suit, will not run with whooping for the schoolmate. We have noticed: have entered the form — the behaviour has changed!

Is not present to shouting colours and narrow shoes!

the Sundress for the girl - 850 rbl.
the Photo: Alexander DYBIN

— In 1992 in a new wording the law « About education » a school uniform have abolished as the phenomenon, — the chief of department of management on affairs of education of Chelyabinsk Natalia Kutepov explains. — But sotsoprosy which were spent by the ministry, have shown that the majority of the teachers, every third child and 70 % of parents support a school uniform at children. Almost all status establishments of Chelyabinsk — lycees, grammar schools — have the form. But to be to it or not to be, solves parental committee and fixes it in the school charter. If there are children whom form purchase not on forces, in the charter mechanisms of its reception &mdash should be stipulated; for example, from sponsors. But it should not become a headache of needy families.

— As a rule, the form to us in studio is reserved by an initial link, — tells Vera Volzhanina, the director of studio « Belief ». — Works now — on a throat! And we began in 1993. Also we observe, how children change. At one time fattened went, now — the thin. Before reorganisation standard trousers for pervoklashek were 65 sm in length, and now steels 75 see Also hands now more long. We recommend dark blue, claret colours. At one fair on us have snatched: sew to us the claret form. But only it is necessary to us not dense colour, and « a bright pomegranate ». I respond them: « Yes by the end of day the teacher on children will rush! » I never would advise such colours. We always do a back of a waistcoat monophonic that behind sitting the neighbour it was not irritated from ripples by the end of day.

the Waistcoat with trousers for the boy - 1300 rbl.
the Photo: Alexander DYBIN

But colour, of course, not the main thing. It is important, that the form responded SanPiNam.

— It should be from natural fibres, air-penetrable, — Veronica Makarova, the deputy chief of department Rospotrebnadzora on the Chelyabinsk area, &mdash explains; gigroskopichnoj not to have a smell. Pulling together belts, elastic bands which break blood circulation of the child are forbidden. Anything shining. And footwear from natural materials. At small children the foot form « a fan » the widest part — on finger-tips. Should not be any narrow, peaky noses, as at adults.

there is an OPINION

Marina Novikova, the manager, mum of the first-grader:

— the School uniform unifies, individuality of the child is lost. The clothes from woollen fabrics expensive and not durable, it are rumpled. On the priest in due course shines and it is worn out. Girls should impart taste, to learn to put on well. And here a maximum two - three variants (a sundress, a skirt) for all academic year. We not nurture poor nuns?!

Irina Gajnulina, the bookkeeper, mum of the fifth-grader:

— School — it to you not night club! The form fine disciplines children. Children are engaged in study, instead of examine clothes each other.

the Form underlines a corporate brotherhood. Solves a problem of a social inequality: it is not visible, who poor, and who rich.


the Skirt pleated for the girl - 650 rbl.
the Photo: Alexander DYBIN

What should be a satchel of the first-grader

the Firm orthopedic back. Loading on a back and a backbone is distributed in regular intervals, there will be no scoliosis.

Length — no more than 360 mm at length.

Width — no more than 100 mm.

Width of humeral belts — 40 mm., that did not cut.

satchel Weight — no more than 700 grammes.

Quantity of branches: two. Or one, but with a pocket.

the Material: cold-resistant, with bright furnish, svetootrazhajushchimi materials that well washed.

By the way, in a satchel of the first-grader 4 textbooks, writing-books and a diary should lie only.

Loading: no more than 4 lessons in day at first-graders. First-graders cannot put estimations and to set homeworks. Many teachers leave textbooks in a class. The child carries away itself in a portfolio home only writing-books.

Duration of a lesson — no more than 35 minutes