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In Black sea have found the German boat which has been blown up during war

When divers from the Tolyatti club « the Neptune » together with the Krasnodar archeologists have found out at the bottom of Kerch strait a German torpedo cruiser have not believed to the eyes. Certainly, at coast them has thrown not casually: experts have united for search of the ships which have sunk during the Second World War.

- But this find is really unique! Before on territories of edge nobody has come across German vessels of those years. Such boats during fights for Kuban was lost two. Both is in 1943, - the senior research assistant of laboratory of field researches of a museum of Felitsyna Alexander Kondrashov speaks. -   One was undermined on a mine, another - from - for technical failure torpedoed, German, the ship. What is concrete a vessel we have found, while it is not known. It needs to be surveyed in details still. But explosion traces are appreciable even at first sight - fragments of engines are scattered in semikilometer radius. Besides, the head part of a vessel which would help to identify it is not found yet. Most likely, it has carried aside a current.

On a broader scale, archeologists and divers survey some years coastal waters and make the register of the sunk ships. As soon as a vessel have found, have described and have specified on a map, it under the law becomes a monument. Any object can be considered as it is more senior 40 years. In this case to the simple inventory were not limited, and have decided to lift from a boat the tool and to establish it in the Krasnodar museum.

It is valuable 40 - a millimetric gun that Bofortsa that neither such courts, nor tools from them in all Europe it was not saved. These boats in war left at night in the sea and heated the ships of the opponent. In those days they were perfection of shipbuilding. On one their these boats for all war the engine has never refused, and any has not been lined during fight.

Besides, during this expedition the head of divers Stanislav Dolgov has found out at the bottom of the Tamansky gulf two not broken off deep bombs and some carts for mines which were used by both belligerent parties for creation of protecting minefields. Explosive finds have decided not to lift, as on depth they cannot bring any harm: after the lapse of stolkih years time and corrosion have made the business.

German anti-submarine torpedo boat S - 27. Probably, such vessel which has sunk in war three large and two tens of the small Russian ships, also experts have found.

Length of a boat - 35μεςπξβ.
Width - 5 metres.
crew - 24 persons.

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