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For beating of the baby the woman have sentenced to 51 month of a colony

26 - the summer inhabitant of regional centre Anzhelika Vertjanova on a dock sat already the second time. And both is for regular beating of the small children.

Children at it three. After the first court of the senior, having regretted, visors to itself someone from relatives. An average has soon taken away court, having proved that mummy is not engaged in its education.

the Woman did not begin to despair and has given birth to one more boy. As tell in regional Office of Public Prosecutor, Vertjanova did not look after the baby, fed him seldom, beat and to doctors when the boy was ill, was not converted.

Kirjushchenkova has got off with a fright. The court has given to it two years conditionally.

the Younger son to mummy already precisely will not return, but it has two more children. The consequence initiated a question on deprivation by Kirjushchenkovoj of the parental rights.

In December of last year, having decided to punish the child for the soiled thing it has some times struck it in a stomach. the Boy hardly did not remain the invalid. Doctors diagnosed > tup uju traumas at a stomach with rupture of a liver and damage spleens .
On a consequence the woman recognised the fault. Business has been considered in the special, accelerated order. With ud has appointed Vertjanovoj punishment in the form of 4 years of 3 months standard regime penal colonies. Also the woman is deprived the parental rights concerning the younger son.
And here the sentence which has been taken out 25 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Andreevo of Sudogodsky area to Anna Kirjushchenkovoj, can seem too to the liberal. The woman judged under article P okushenie on murder by mother the newborn the child . on May, 31st this year Kirjushchenkova (as it is established, she was drunk) in a board toilet near to the house, has given birth to the boy. It has wrapped the baby in a jacket and has put in a cesspool then has gone home and has gone to bed. The boy was found in time by the neigbour. Still it is a little, and he has died. Now with the child that`s OK.