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School markets: to the markets omichi prefer hypermarkets

Prior to the beginning of an academic year remains practically nothing. It is a high time to buy writing-books, diaries and other office. Now before parents there is a question how to complete the child that it painfully has not struck on a purse? To find out it has tried the correspondent « ».

In the markets it is empty, in hypermarkets densely

Remembering the school and student`s years, I have first of all gone on the market: here precisely there should be a present fair of office! However, having walked on numbers, I have felt disappointment. On all area I total at most five tents, buyers - time - two and obchelsja.

- Why so the season there are not enough shops, really yet?

- Well as not a season! - has thrown up the hands the seller. - it is simple now the people on the markets looks less. ponastroili « the Underground » « Tapes » and « Ashanov » so now all there go!

the Hero « Twilight » - the most popular character on covers
the Photo: Nikolay KRIVICH

On a counter - a huge variety of writing-books, handles and cases. For 12 roubles it is possible to buy the most simple writing-books, and here with interesting covers stand more expensively - 18, and even 25 roubles.

it is not enough Backpacks, and all of them approach only for replaceable footwear. Monophonic - 120 roubles, and with heroes of popular films - 200. For 450 it is possible to buy very beautiful case completed with everything that is necessary for the first-grader, - handles, lastiki, rulers, brushes, a set of colour pencils and felt-tip pens. In the market it is not enough colour paper, plasticine and paints.

I Decide to come into a hypermarket which is in the neighbourhood with the market. Really, in department of office of people - though a pond prudi, and a choice much more. On some goods discounts operate. For example, packing from 25 writing-books on 18 sheets costs about 80 roubles. It turns out, one writing-book will manage in 3 roubles of 20 copecks, and in the market its price twice above!

I do not say already that to owners of firm maps hypermarkets do a quite good discount.  

- the First-grader to collect in school leaves more expensive, than the pupil of averages or the senior classes, - the selling assistant speaks. - posudite: And the colour paper is necessary to them, both paints, and felt-tip pens!

In a fashion of a skull and tricks.
a photo: Nikolay KRIVICH

it is valid, one set of colour pencils costs on the average 300 roubles. The colour paper - from 14 to 122 roubles, and suffices it approximately for a month! In a hypermarket unlike the market it is possible to choose to the child a satchel. The most simple, ordinary-looking colours and without drawings, - an order 350 - 400 roubles, and that more brightly also is more volume, -
from 1 000 roubles.

As to small little shops kantstovarov, here school accessories not from the cheap. But there is practically everything that is necessary for the schoolboy. The prices for covers, handles and pencils about same, as well as in the markets. Writing-books on 1 - 2 roubles are more expensive, but a choice very big. In some shops they are spread out on show-windows on subjects: « Tricks » « the Gothic style » « Sports » « Cars » « For girls » and etc. Here it is possible to find diaries of very interesting design. As a rule, covers at them thick - that did not wear out for long academic year. They expensive enough - from 50 to 90 roubles. Here we managed to find and a simple white diary which became today almost deficiency. There is it about 33 roubles.      

Skulls and « Twilight » - on fashion peak

I Come into one of shops of office and I observe an interesting picture. The schoolgirl of years of ten together with mum chooses a diary. The girl examines a copy with a black cover and white skulls.  

- the Polynight, what you such horrors take?! - Tries to dissuade her mother.

- Well I do not love kitties as you do not understand! - the daughter frowns and goes to cash desk.

Having considered a show-window, I understand that such « horrors » a huge variety. Different colours of a writing-book in Gothic style have captivated not only shops, but also the markets. I have found even ridiculously - a glamour variant of a diary - pink, with a skull and the bones, decorated with pastes and stones.

- Strangely enough, assort skulls, - the seller is perplexed. - that children find in them - not clearly! And still they without mind from writing-books with heroes of a film « Twilight » And an animated cartoon « Vinks ». It today last peep!

That how much? (In roubles)