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Evgenie Vinogradova`s fault can confirm with audio records

During a consequence - and criminal case under article bribe Reception in the large size have raised on April, 26th - it is interrogated about fifty witnesses. One of these days inspectors have started to consider one more (already the third) a criminal episode. Under version SKP, the total sum of the bribes received by Evgenie Vinogradovym and his wife Elena, makes about five and a half millions roubles. He took from businessmen for permission to do money in area business. And if someone refused to pay, it simply squeezed out from the market.

Business difficult, - is confirmed by the head of department on especially important issues of Investigatory management SKP Yury Evtuhov. - time wide interval (since 2000), and a considerable quantity of people Is captured. Our inspectors work without days off and feasts...

In SKP many references with the request arrived to change a preventive punishment to a subscription about nevyezde. This and known collective letter published in to the Literary newspaper and private requests from known people. For example, from the singer and the deputy of the State Duma Joseph Kobzon... However references in support of arrest comes even more. The consequence has asked court to prolong the maintenance of Vinogradova under guards for two months.

Arrest gives the chance to a consequence to work objectively and fruitfully and excludes for the figurant possibility to influence witnesses. And with the account of its status and powers, such possibility - it appear Vinogradov on freedom - at it would be, - Yury Evtuhov considers. - By the way, such facts already were...

SKP once again declares that business of the head of Vjaznikovsky area has no political underlying reason.

the Consequence feels more than confidently. Among proofs at them - about five hours of audio records of conversations of Evgenie Vinogradova with businessmen. They are received by what way, inspectors keep a secret.

We discussed possibility to publish a part of soundtracks but while have decided not to do it. We do not doubt authenticity of records, but for its formal acknowledgement are examined. As soon as all of them will confirm, we will think over promulgation of soundtracks, - the first deputy of the head of SOU SKP Yury Burulenkov has informed and has slightly opened a veil of secrecy: are very picturesque conversations in which the person shows all essence. Shows, how much it is the owner of life.

According to management SKP, public authorities do not render any pressure upon consequences. But also the special help from them them. According to the investigation, the area management should create such conditions that such large abusings at us any more were not.

For the arrested person are created the VIP - conditions. To it deliver a fresh press, and for medical examinations take out even to other regions of the country. Agree, not many of free people have such possibilities.