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If you want to be rich, be made out in strojotrjad

School examinations and session come to an end. Where itself to put? After all it would be desirable to have a rest cheerfully, and for this purpose without pocket money not to manage.

to Schoolboys!
1. Work and rest camp
This summer in region 34 camps of work and rest will work.
that it is necessary to do?
to Weed beds, to clean territories, to reap a crop, to help with repair with school or a garden. Change - 21 day, the working days - 14. At leisure - the organised rest.
- for 14 working days from the federal and regional budget to each worker will pay about 2000 roubles. If the schoolboy perfectly has shown itself, the employer sometimes pays extra over this sum, - the director of regional youth labour exchange Sergey PEHTELEV speaks .

2. Improving camp for teenagers
That it is necessary to do of having many children and needy families?
to Have a rest and work. Till a dinner you will clean territory, and after - to have a rest. In such camps leisure is thought well over, there are employment with teachers. And a food excellent: will feed five times a day, fruit and natural juice are included! For such facilitated work will pay also about 2000 roubles.
in this season will work camp Torra in Gorodishchensky area and the Coeval in Dubovsky. On the first change you will not be in time any more. But here on following three it is possible to be arranged!

3. City camp
If do not want to leave city friends and to go to fields, that is the variant to work in a city. For this purpose you should be converted into a placement service.
that it is necessary to do?
to Clean parks, streets, to put flowers and so on.
- For 21 working day to the schoolboy will pay about 3000 roubles, - the deputy director of the Volgograd city centre of employment of the population Tatyana MISHAKOVA
tells . - At first sight, money small. But it is not necessary to forget that schoolboys work the incomplete working day.

to Students!
1. Student groups
About 5 thousand places were allocated with area for students in labour groups. There to be arranged, it is necessary to come to regional committee on affairs of youth and on regional labour exchange.

What to do?
to Weed beds in the field, to reap a crop, to help on building or to work as the leader in camp on Black sea or in area. All depends, in what group you register.
the salary is appointed by the employer. It should be registered in the labour contract. But by experience it is known that leaders of camps (to 5000 roubles), most of all -   most less will earn; Students of building and agricultural groups (10 - 15 thousand roubles).

2. Advertising agencies
Now at every turn distribute leaflets, carry out actions. For many children it is a quite good way to earn additionally. In Volgograd on the average quotations are that:

  • distribution of leaflets - 60 roubles in an hour;
  • actions with tasting of products - 70 roubles in an hour;
  • actions a gift for purchase - 70 roubles in an hour.

On a note

  • to Carry leaflets it is possible from 16 years. Payment hourly or depending on quantity of widespread copies.
  • On a post of the promoter advertising agencies will prefer to take the student, instead of the schoolboy.
  • Official labour contract do not make. From you will demand only to fill the questionnaire. Be careful! The skilled tell that agencies - a something ephemeral can not pay for work. Therefore be better converted into the checked up firm.

3. Questioning of citizens
If you the student of humanitarian faculty, it will be interesting to you and as practice. Well and if is not present, sociological researches can be considered as a quite good kind podrabotki.
What to do?
to Interrogate in the street inhabitants of Volgograd. Keep in mind that more often you will send far away. And the earned sum directly depends on quantity of the interrogated. And it is necessary to interrogate honesty. On numbers of passers-by will call checking and will ask, a leah you spoke with it. Usually for one proquestioned give 30 - 40 roubles.
to be arranged on sotsoprosy, it is necessary to be converted into institute of economy and sociological researches. Ph.: (8442 23 - 12 - 95.

4. Private enterprises
Here work variants can be such:

  • security guard with the icon setting 5000 - 15 000 roubles a month;  
  • waiter in cafe will earn 5000 - 15 000 roubles a month;
  • in a casino - work heavy, but at good prizes of the client it is possible to receive
  • croupier to 20 000 - 30 000 roubles a month;
  • worker fast - fuda - the salary from 5000 to 10 000 roubles a month;
  • tutor - from 350 roubles for school hours depending on a subject.

Where to be converted:

  • the Volgograd city centre of employment of the population. Ph. (8442) 97 - 50 - 80.
  • Regional youth labour exchange. Ph.: (8442 54 - 27 - 63, 54 - 25 - 16.
  • Regional committees on affairs of youth (8442):
  • Central -   38 - 81 - 04,   38 - 81 - 01
  • Dzerzhinsky -   48 - 63 - 96;   39 - 43 - 78  
  • Voroshilovsky -   93 - 61 - 16,   93 - 22 - 58
  • Krasnooktjabrsky - 73 - 98 - 14
  • Kirov -   42 - 04 - 99  
  • Krasnoarmejsky -   67 - 11 - 62
  • Traktorozavodsky -   71 - 28 - 41,   71 - 45 - 92
  • Soviet -   41 - 69 - 63,   41 - 53 - 49

it is important!

Under the labour legislation the employer has not the right to force 14 - 16 - the summer teenager to work more than 5 hours per day, and 17 - 18 - summer - more than 7 hours. And night shifts too are illegal!