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The Penza waitress marries the Turkish sultan

Julia Frolov last year has graduated from the institute. Work on a speciality has not found and it was arranged in one of the Penza restaurants with the waitress.

- Work pleased me a little, - Julia tells. - money was small, only tip and rescued. But I did not have other choice.
the restaurant to which the girl has got, was not a low grade. And visitors there dropped in rather successful and rich. Foreigners very often visited.

- Between us always there were disputes who will serve the overseas client, - Julia laughs. - they usually give good tip. But I never considered our visitors as potential grooms. In - the first, the majority of them were married. And in - the second, I met the young man and have been assured that at us love.
but in one evening the case has changed Julia`s life.

- My beloved has called and has told that leaves from me, - she remembers. - I was in such confusion what even to understand what did not become. Has simply hanged up. Very much it wanted to me to go for work that though as - that to distract. There was not my change, but suddenly as on a twist of fate, I was called by the chief and has asked to arrive: one of waitresses was ill.

Julja has there and then rushed off in restaurant. Visitors that day was a little. The pair sat At one of little tables.
- I why - that have thought that it is the husband with the wife, - tells Julja. - When I have approached to them, have heard that they talk among themselves in English. The man was so beautiful that I could not look away. It was obviously not the American. Something in it was east: the Arab or a Turk.

Having had supper, the pair has left restaurant. And Julja has thought that never any more will not see this handsome man, and has again become sad. But it is literally in two hours visitors whom it served, have returned. The woman has approached to Julia and has told that it madly was pleasant to its companion.

- And unless it not your husband? - The waitress was surprised.

- I the translator.

the Young man was called by Tarkan. It was presented and has handed over Jule a bouquet of roses.

On broken Russian Tarkan has told to the Penza girl that has fallen in love and wants to communicate with it. It temporarily was in Moscow, at it the building business. And on a broader scale he the Turkish sultan also lives in the homeland.

Tarkan has left, but Jule every day called. Once a month came to Penza. It asked even to be discharged from office that the beloved was enticed still by any groom. But she has declared to it that nobody is necessary to it, except it. I have understood that have fallen in love.

Such relations on distance have lasted between Julej and Tarkanom half a year. Recently Turkish sultan has made penzjachke the offer.

- it is natural, I have agreed - tells Julja. - I have presented Tarkana to parents. Now we together gather to Turkey that I have got acquainted with its relatives.
wedding is planned for the end of autumn. Julia and Tarkan cannot believe till now unusual, but to very successful acquaintance.