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on June, 6th. the New bus 12 should be started up on a ring on bridges Krasavinsky and Central. At least for the sake of experiment. Perhaps it will be pleasant to people.


on June, 6th. every summer I wait, when in Zakamske will stack normal asphalt and to do roads. And that at us a patch, a wafer and the promise. Eh, roads...


on June, 6th. It is a pity pupils of school 94 that near a stop ZHBK in the street Heroes of Hasana. Around one dirt, a dirt, a dirt... And it is not a pity to you of children, misters from administration of Sverdlovsk area? Grjazjuka any more the first year. The summer will fly by quickly, and there again on September, 1st, and pupils in white fartuchkah, and on a dirt flop, flop, flop will be pulled in school...

T. N.

on June, 7th. Doctors of our polyclinic absolutely have become impudent! You will come the patient, at you will shout, will tell: Are treated by that there are houses - also will expel! As a result all the same you go to paid hospital. What for on a broader scale such doctors are necessary? It is insulting for our medicine!


on June, 10th. In a bar on Stakhanov at windows posters: Happy birthday, a favourite city! and are pasted head over heels. A malicious joke or a carelessness?

the Patriot.

on June, 10th. the Announcement at a stop Ushakov`s Street : to All members of garage co-operative society Suburb the request to approach on meeting for the decision of a question of registration of logs. With itself to bring an axe or a saw . For what?! To solve questions?


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