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We search for the most inconvenient places of Perm!

Dear readers tomorrow we celebrate birthday of our favourite city! Many permjaki will come on an esplanade and will pay attention to how the central streets of our city are beautiful and well-groomed. But, you see, having curtailed from the Komsomol prospectus and Lenin`s street into lanes and city quarters, often it is possible to see not asphalted sites of road hanging over proezzhej by a part trees, stopping complexes without a roof, the cars eternally parked anywhere, disturbing to journey of transport and pedestrians.

has decided to declare the action we Search for the most inconvenient places of Perm . We invite all readers to take in it part: to tell about the townspeople most inconvenient for life places and to offer the variant of a solution of a problem - that it is necessary to correct? We will pass all your offers in the urban services which are responsible for comfortable life permjakov, we will wait the answer or terms of a solution of a problem and we will necessarily inform you on it through the newspaper.

The demands with a mark the Inconvenient city send to the address: 614107, Perm, Lebedev`s street, d. 13 (UDS a hammer the western wing). Or on e - a mail: konkurs@kp - perm. ru. And also you can leave the demand for our site www.

the Demand 1

At a tram stop Street Zemljachki towards Visima the tile has moved down from the place trotuarnaja. Now during a rain under a roof it is impossible to stand, feet stick in crude sand and when you approach to the approached tram, stumble about the parted pieces of the former sidewalk. Passengers prefer to stand round a stop under umbrellas.

- I go with children every day in a tram, - Marina, mum of two kids has complained. - I Sit down at this stop. Not to count, how much time the younger daughter here fell, and to other passengers it is inconvenient.