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Byelorussians like to act in film naked in baths and saunas

the Newspaper the Express train - News has resulted shocking revelations of the Grodno photomaster. At it in a collection it is carefully stored more than 600 (!) Intimate photos of the clients. It appears, fans of frank photos without ceremony give them on the press, and photomasters carefully select for themselves the best and ridiculous pictures.

Once, Vyacheslav, decent with   remembers; to a kind the man of years of forty has brought a film, on   which each shot it having sex with   has been represented; different partners. It is a lot of photo oral and   group sex. Almost all pictures are made in   baths and   saunas - the newspaper writes.

As a rule, fans klubnichki are very young girls and men who have got a false idea itself sexual giants. But there are also exceptions. Once in a photographic studio hardly moving feet the grandfather of years 80 has come and has given on the press the love scenes with three maidens. The photomaster till now in shock from love affairs of the grandfather, but for a collection has saved its photo.