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All women - silly women?

- women cannot reach considerable successes in natural sciences and the mathematician not from - for social inequalities, and from - for essential genetic differences from men, - has declared one of the cleverest men of the world - the president of the well-known Harward university (Cambridge, the USA) Lawrence SUMMERS - at the international conference devoted to position of women in a science.
I wildly apologise
Women - scientists during that moment have quickly thought: Summers hints that all women - silly women. The hall was indignant and have in a pointed manner left.
Already next day the president has withdrawn the words. Has written on an official site of university that it have supposedly misunderstood. And it, certainly, does not put men above women, as ability at all identical . I wildly apologise - as Arcady Raikin spoke in such cases.
This history has occurred three years ago. But Summers apologises till now. And the statement that weak mental faculties of women are put in genes, costed to it to a post. After a while after scandal of the president have asked to resign.
At first sight Summers has obviously got excited. After all far not Mileva Marich - the wife and the co-author of the major works of Einstein was the silly woman, for example. Or Berta Benz - the spouse of German engineer Charles Benz who has visually proved to sceptics potential possibilities of the car in 1885. And the French physicist and the chemist and the winner of two Nobel Prizes Maria Sklodovsky - Kjuri? The well-known mathematician Sofia Kovalevsky? Margaret Thatcher, at last?
On the other hand, the list of world renowned clear heads the small. Here it also ministers the reason of ridicules over the weaker sex. Suddenly strong - it is indeed cleverer? On total indicators.
the Logic is stronger than intuition
- It is urged to afflict, - a Dr.Sci.Biol., nejrofiziolog, the author of several books about distinctions of floors Vladimir GLADYSHEV confirms my worst suspicions. - man`s and female crinkles have essentially different physiology. And these differences at all in favour of the weaker sex.
have made such experiment. Ways on the virtual city created by the computer have asked to find volunteers. Men on the average needed 2 minutes of 22 seconds. To women - 3 minutes of 16 seconds. Why? One included logic thinking, others - intuition.
By the way, similar results have shown also rats - males got out of a labyrinth faster females.
Besides, in ITS and ITS brains there is a different quantity of grey and white substance. Six times it is more than first at the men, - ten times it is more than second at women. But grey nervous cages by and large are responsible for intelligence, process the information, allow to weigh more carefully all details to take out accurately well-founded logic decisions. And white cages - only shoots nejronov. Work a seeing-off distributing problems between different departments of a brain.

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Blockheads more than silly fellows
At women those areas of a brain which are responsible for fear and anger are more developed. And these feelings, as a rule, stifle mental faculties. To the stronger sex the nature has presented more volume zones which accept and process signals from sense organs. Men at least see more and is better listen.
- On the average the factor of man`s intelligence above female - 119 units against 113, - is continued by Vladimir Gladyshev. - men posess the highest indicators IQ. On the other hand, and the lowest too at them. The Stronger sex is rich both geniuses, and blockheads.
And what distinguishes the man from the woman? Here that have shown the researches spent at the Viennese, Alabama, Dusseldorf, Pensilvansky, Californian and Roman universities.