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SRV : the reputation which has been checked up by time

Roman Savichev and its legal agency SRV are known not only among lawyers, but also that is called, in the people. At least, few times in a month in a press there are articles about the big litigations which are conducted by firm Savicheva.

almost all large arbitration disputes to Stavropol Territory are in agency conducting SRV . And it eloquently speaks about its reputation.

it is not surprising that SRV has huge authority in JUFO, and also in big cities of Russia. Serious corporations entrust protection of the interests SRV because it is solid, checked up by time and the main thing - the legal office rendering legal services at level of the western standards.

Savichev tells the Novel About the legal agency long and with visible enthusiasm. As - in any way - its favourite child to which it has given 10 years of life. We communicate at it in an office where one of walls is covered by diplomas and reading and writing for irreproachable work.

- And it to us have handed over in the government for the first place in edge among the companies rendering services. And not only legal! - with pride tells Roman Valerevich, showing me a beautiful vase.

10 years of life of legal agency SRV have contained more than 5000 (!) Arbitration court sessions in 20 subjects of the Russian Federation and not one ten the sensational cases which have brought the companies popularity, and to its employees - steady reputation of skilled professionals.

- For 10 years we have done the big way - from modest legal firm to the largest agency in the south of Russia, - tells Roman Savichev. - Last 6 years at us are not present competitors either on work volume, or on number of clients, and solid, by efficiency of disposal of legal proceeding in courts. We - the most profitable legal firm in the south with the open reporting and a full financial transparency. Very few people from the Stavropol legal firms can brag of it. The set of small offices is aimed at quickly to break a large sum by all means. It not business, and greed. SRV is engaged in legal business and never works in black without contracts. All our employees get only official wages. Icon settings at us very high, and qualification of lawyers the corresponding.

Now in the command of Savicheva - 30 professional lawyers, experts on the right and simply decent people. For Romana Valerevicha professional cleanliness, conscientiousness, accuracy - defining qualities of the professional. It and itself follows them regularly.

- In serious legal business it is impossible to play not by rules, scorning professional and human ethics. Those who it does, - favourites, instead of professionals, - he speaks.  

On a broader scale the person of the head SRV naturally, has left traces on firm work, having brought in it discipline and an order. Achieved all persistent work, he and from employees of the company demands the same self-return, responsibility and ability to hold blow - after all victories in court happen not always.

- As you manage so accurately to co-ordinate collective work? - I ask the Novel of Savicheva.

- I 10 years supervise over people. Already in 22 years became at first the chief accountant, and then   the assistant to the general director of the known company Rosgosstrakh - Stavropol having tens branches in edge and three-thousandth collective. There I was well trained, have gained administrative experience, have got communications. I have learnt to understand business, to estimate risks, competently to be converted with money and the main thing - to understand people.

to Deduce the formula of success of legal firm, according to Romana Savicheva, it is impossible. But it is possible to acquire basic principles which the legal firm respecting should adhere:

- We as the developed legal company, steadfast attention we give to marketing and management. With one lawyers without the competent planning, accurately put work which have been thought over of economic strategy of tops in business you will not reach. Here I am helped very much by my economic education. SRV is the well debugged business capable annually to grow. We actively develop a filial network. Our representations are in Moscow, Makhachkala, Vladikavkaz, Abundant. Practically in all areas of edge at us the lawyer.

Each new business - check of durability of reputation and a professional solvency of employees. And lawyers SRV with the work cope with honour.

- At the majority of employees on 2 - 3 higher educations plus of degree of candidates of science. Nevertheless, before the beginning of each serious process agency SRV directs the lawyer on practical seminars to Moscow or abroad, - opens Roman Savichev trade secrets. - Courses are necessary not for employment by the theory, - lawyers SRV know it and so, and to familiarise with practice of consideration of concrete dispute.  

- And you undertake what affairs never?

  - We do not undertake small affairs, even if they advantageous as we do not presume to waste time lawyers on melochovku. Business, let it, at first sight, unpromising, should be loud, call a public resonance and to work on image of agency to do to it a name.

the Trade which has become by a way of life

Besides legal activity, Roman Savichev actively is engaged in lawmaking. It the deputy of the State Duma of edge. However, works in the Duma on the public beginnings - the status of the head of the commercial organisation does not grant the right to deputy Savichevu to receive the salary of the civil servant. I could not be kept from a naive question:

- And what for to you, the director of succeeding agency, it is necessary?

- In - the first, it is possibility to bring the real contribution to perfection of legislative system of Stavropol Territory. In laws still it is a lot of defects and me as to the lawyer with a work wide experience, they are well visible. In - the second, for the sake of the information which gives priority in competitive struggle. Heads of large corporations in the USA aspire to become senators to get lawful access to the information and to be one step away ahead of competitors. In - the third, the deputy status to much obliges. Casual people do not become people`s choices. This trust which should be justified.

- And your firm is engaged in philanthropy?

- Yes. Every week to me letters with requests for the help come. We try to refuse to nobody. I consider that in the Bible is correctly told: It will be rendered to us on our affairs and Yes the hand giving " will not become scanty;.  

Towards the end of conversation I have taken an interest, than Roman Valerevich is engaged at a leisure.

- I Re-read the Arbitration code of the Russian Federation, - he laughs. -   If it is fair, the free time absolutely is not present. It eats work. My trade is my life. I try to work not on fear, and on conscience. Only such work can bring pleasure, instead of to be a burdensome duty.  


a private affair

SAVICHEV Roman Valerevich

the Deputy of the State Duma of Stavropol Territory. In 1994 has ended with the red diploma economic faculty SGSA. After two years has received juridical education in the Moscow state legal academy. Has worked 5 years in firm Rosgosstrakh - Stavropol at first the legal adviser, then the chief accountant and the assistant to the general director. Since 1998 heads Open Society Legal agency SRV . It is married. Raises the daughter.

our inquiry

the Basic directions of work of Open Society Legal agency SRV : representation of interests of clients in arbitration courts, and also physical persons and the organisations on criminal cases in Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and courts; complex legal service of the organisations and individual businessmen; bankruptcy and liquidation of the organisations; tax planning and taxation minimisation; registration of transactions on a securities market; the organisation of an estimation of business, property and property rights; the financial analysis, statistical researches, working out business - plans.