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Marina Ladynina did not want to grow old on the screen

We have called the national actor of the USSR Vladimir Zeldinu. Vladimir Mihajlovich has flashed in a remarkable duet with Ladyninoj in a picture the Pig-tender and the shepherd .
- For the first time I have alive seen Ladyninu in a musical room on a film studio Mosfilm - Vladimir Mihajlovich remembers. - it was necessary to establish a song tonality About Moscow which beginning composer Tihon Hrennikov has written for a film. And here we waited the main heroine who besides is more tremendous sang. It has been already popular and favourite by the spectator, has acted in film in pictures Tractor operators the Rich bride . In general, we waited that the door now will swing open and the film star will enter. And it is valid, in the doorway there was a beautiful blonde with the big blue eyes, very modest, charming, without a superiority shade before beginning actors. She did not create an aura of the great actress and during shootings kept easily, was not capricious, did not demand special privileges. A film the Pig-tender and the shepherd was my debut. It is natural that on shootings I felt skovanno and is intense. Marina Alekseevna correctly prompted to me that it is necessary to do in a shot. She behaved adequately when there was a family drama - rupture to Ivan Pyrevym.
it is considered that the ex-husband has blocked Ladyninoj career... I think, matter is not in Pyreve. Ladynina itself did not want to act in film, did not want to grow old on the screen.