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By the time of explosion in apartment Juzhakovyh in live there was only a son?

we will remind, on May, 22nd in apartment of former transport public prosecutor Victor Juzhakova there was an explosion. All family was lost.

at the moment of explosion Evgenie Juzhakov, the younger child in a family, was live. All traumas which have found out in it patologo - anatomists, have appeared already after incident. On it to us have informed in a mortuary where opening was spent. However, it only results of imprisonment before trail. Exact time and a cause of death of all four will be known only in a month - ones and a half. Now samples of fabrics of victims are passed in laboratory sudmekekspertizy which experts and should give the definitive answer.

yesterday there was a first official statement of investigatory committee about versions which are now considered. The consequence considers as the basic versions commission of crime by a member of a family because of personal aversions and commission of crime by the extraneous person. By the way, hearings about the conflict in a family have appeared after experts have unequivocally declared: before explosion nobody left apartment - the door has been locked from within on a latch.

the basic suspects among Juzhakovyh thus have the younger son, Evgenie. In - the first as on Friday has informed a press - the secretary of committee, the guy had a brain disease. In - the second, in a family there were enough occasions to quarrels between the father and the son. Eugene has left school one year ago, after that has not arrived anywhere and anywhere did not work, and on a broader scale, according to friends, did not leave almost the house. At last, as informed a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs already next day after state of emergency, Victor Juzhakov even before explosion has received cranial - a brain trauma, and his daughter Inna - four knife wounds in a back. So the criminals who are in an inadequate status usually operate. In favour of this version says also that firemen have found Evgenie`s body in a bathroom - it quite could overstay there while fire destroys proofs if there was no explosion.

on the other hand, it is not excluded that all could be and is arranged, and the unknown killer has simply managed so dexterously to scatter proofs that all indeed resembled intrafamily dismantlings. Itself quite could leave through a window, the blessing that on all three floors from below at windows there are lattices, and to the prepared person quite on forces to go down on them.

While experts carry out analyses, inspectors continue poll of acquaintances of a family of Juzhakovyh. However those and could not remember, that the former public prosecutor or someone from its members of household had any conflicts recently. The unique variant - for seven years, passed from the date of Victor Juzhakova`s dismissal from bodies, could be released someone from it wards . And on freedom has decided to revenge first of all. But also this version yet has not found any acknowledgement.