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Epidemic of AIDS does not threaten a planet!

good news: EPIDEMIC of AIDS DOES NOT THREATEN the PLANET! While the HIV - an infection completely does not recover, but distribution of dangerous disease effectively restrains. If earlier all population of the Earth now experts of the United Nations have come to opinion got to a risk zone that AIDS remains property basically homosexuals, addicts and workers of sphere of sexual services.
epidemic Threat while is saved only in Africa. Explain a special situation on Black continent experts till now cannot. But has put, seemingly, not only that AIDS comes from Africa, but also in a local population way of life: long absence of men of the house, forcing them to use prostitutes, absolutely not strict behaviour of lonely women lead to numerous casual communications...
Russia time and again warned that the situation at us, connected with AIDS distribution, is close to accident. According to experts of the United Nations, the infection amazes nearby 1 % of the population that corresponds to level of Africa of 1991. However, as the chief of department of a HIV/ AIDS in system of World Health Organization (CART) de the Cook considers, repetition of the African scenario of Russia does not threaten, though infection distribution is possible.
According to Rospotrebnadzora of the Russian Federation, for May, 31st, 2008 428 154 HIV - infected, from them - 2875 children are registered.
According to the head of the Moscow city centre of preventive maintenance and struggle against AIDS of Department of public health services of capital of Alexey Mazurova, in Russia the situation with disease of a HIV is much better, than in many industrially developed countries.