Rus News Journal

Cars a plait in Kazan and Vladimir

the Kazan motorists in a panic:
- Really Moscow piroman us has reached?
Early in the morning on Monday one after another in a city three cars have flashed. In the next streets. Messages on kindling arrived with a difference 15 minutes.
Apparently, a victim instigators (or the instigator) chose the on colour and the stamp.
- All cars - models VAZ - 2106 white colours, - have shortly informed us in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan. - someone has thrown an incendiary mix in salon, they and have flared.
guards refuse more detailed comments.
- It is worked, - field investigators shortly speak. - versions set...
One of them - that is hooligans who were excited with an example of the Moscow instigator.
On the night of Tuesday the car and in Vladimir - Mersedes E - 230, parked under windows of the owner has flashed. Firemen whom he has called, have come tearing along instantly, but the car already flared. And here the next car on which the flame could be thrown, had time to drive away aside and to rescue...