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The schoolgirl has released from gangsters of ten irkutjanok

the Leader, the retired colonel, have caught red-handed (operative shooting).

the Chief of one of military parts near Irkutsk has retired and... Has organised a gang. In 2001 he has created a network of brothels for employment by prostitution in Irkutsk and other cities of area. Inspectors say that its pornobusiness was one of the largest in region. Gangsters different ways involved there hundreds girls. And has exposed criminals usual 16 - the summer girl.

the Girlfriend has employed. The prostitute

Julja has arrived to Irkutsk in August of last year - to enter the institute. In a native city she only - only has left school. A family at 16 - the summer girl safe, with mum and the father. Parents remained at home, and in Irkutsk it has rented apartment. But entrance examinations of Julja could not hand over. But the Irkutsk girl-friend has offered work. With good money - on apartment will suffice and for study time remains. But this work - prostitution. However the girl has agreed. Has pulled on adventures.
- it is possible, first it was interesting to it, - inspectors UBOPa tell. - And for the sake of money too. After all it is necessary to live, pay on something for apartment. For days she on the average earned on 2000 roubles.
Julja has entered college in a native city. And in December it have arranged in one of brothels of Irkutsk. Except it, 4 more girls there worked. The organisation was included into a network from 10 brothels in Irkutsk and the nearest cities. That supervised over them 56 - the summer retired colonel. The leader typed in a gang of young sports guys. By estimates of inspectors, in grouping which supervised prostitutes, there were nearby 10 persons.
in half a year Julja has thought again. Work became intolerable. For study by then Julja practically did not go. However will return to former life it has appeared uneasy. By a private rule of souteneurs, the girl, decided to leave prostitutes, should pay compensation. The retired colonel - the gangster has demanded from Juli of 50 thousand roubles. Otherwise has threatened with punishment.

Mum, help me!

Such money at the girl was not. To receive freedom, it should work the whole month free of charge. Then Julja has called home and has asked mother, a leah can occupy that where - that 50 thousand roubles. The woman has pricked up the ears at once, has started to ask the daughter, what for to it money. JUlja has not sustained, has burst into tears and admitted.
mother long did not begin to think, and has gathered and has gone to Irkutsk. Also it was converted into Management on struggle against the organised crime.
- if this girl has not told that money extorts from it, inspectors and could catch suspects, - the employee tells a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region Dmitry LOPATIN.
to catch the extortioner, field investigators suited an ambush. When in city centre the girl transferred to the retired colonel money, it have seized. Have detained and 22 - summer podelnika the leader of a gang later. In the car and apartment of the pensioner have found the whole arsenal - ammunition, the weapon. And also elektroshokery, handcuffs, bludgeons, knifes, pistols, arbalet and a grenade. It has appeared that the retired colonel as was engaged in extortion, krysheval businessmen.
- Julja has rescued tens girls - prostitutes. Many tried to run away from a brothel, - inspector UBOPa across the Irkutsk region Alexander continues. - some hide till now at acquaintances in Irkutsk and other cities. It is possible to tell, thanks to Jule now these girls are free.
while field investigators have brought against arrested persons criminal case under article Extortion . Also collect materials for excitation of criminal cases under other articles: Illegal storage of the weapon and ammunition Involving of minors in prostitution the Organization and the maintenance of brothels for employment by prostitution .

It is prepared with assistance of UBOPa across the Irkutsk region. The name of the heroine of the publication is changed.