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The woman has spent some hours in the next world

Doctors cannot explain a case with wonderful rising which has occurred at them in the face of. The grieved relatives of the died patient have left hospital to reserve funeral, and the woman took and has returned from a next world. On pleasure to relatives.
- It is live! It is live! - the shocked nurse has informed by a mobile phone.
Really, was from what to come to bewilderment. Velma Thomas, 59 - the summer inhabitant of small town Nitro in the Western Virginia (USA), has naturally died. Devices fixed some hours total absence of warm and brain activity. Installation on artificial ventilation of lungs which swung air already in a dead body worked only. And physicians with the consent of its relatives have disconnected.
- Mum has stiffened, the skin became wax and firm, fingers were double up, - her son, 36 - summer Tim Thomas tells. - I have understood that it is the end...
And doctors did not doubt. Having got rid of relatives, began to prepare a body for opening and a possible removal of organs, suitable for change. Here - that Velma also has revived. And it is rather convincing. Has opened eyes, has looked round and has asked: Where my son? at this time, called by the nurse, it already rushed back in hospital.
But the first Kevin Igglston who was engaged 17 hours with Velmoj has come running to the risen body local reanimatolog. Two times started its stopped heart. Also has surrendered only on the third unsuccessful attempt. In a word, at all did not expect to see the patient live in some hours after death.
is a positive miracle, - the doctor, - I in shock speaks. She has precisely died.
Now Velma goes on the amendment. Rises from a bed, eats. Also says that from a next world it was returned by God who, probably, had any other plans for its bill. But as there, in the next world, alas, the woman does not remember.
If to try to keep separate from mysticism and to look for a reasonable explanation to a miracle it would be logical to offer at least one hypothesis.
As it was found out, in process reanimatsionnyh actions of Velma has been placed also in installation for gipotermii. That is to it have strongly cooled a head to try to lower brain activity and to protect from irreversible changes with which cardiac arrest and insufficient blood supply threaten.
it is not excluded that cooling, on the one hand, has rescued a brain, as though having shipped it in anabiosis. With another - has not allowed to reveal in it life signs. Doctors verified death. And the brain suddenly left anabiosis and has reanimated all body, including heart.
But whatever one may do, and the miracle is available. Even without mysticism.
the Photo from a site EXPRESSEN. SE